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  1. sargan

    Now Auto start up - why

    This is the same on all devices .... box is 'unticked' but still opens on device boot up I have ticked and unticked .... see what happens next time I reboot
  2. sargan

    Now Auto start up - why

    I bought a downloaded ver some years ago .,.... (not recent) applies all updates as they are released
  3. sargan

    Now Auto start up - why

    Until the recent 'major upgrade' Enpass would not start up until I initiated it. Now it starts as part of Boot-up of PC and brings up the login screen asking for Master Password. In Settings > General The option "Open Automatically at system start up" is NOT ticked. So why is it automatically stating I can't advise ver No. as can no longer see where that is, but it updated to latest upgrade yesterday P.S. Yesterday upgrade removed short cut icon from Task Bar (questions if updates are being sufficiently tested ?)
  4. sargan

    Open item close again

    It is kept up to date ... so 5.6.10 Syncs using Dropbox Just opened to test and same fault just happened now ... Opened Enpass .... selected item from middle pane ... it appeared in right hand pane ... and about 2 sec later disappeared again. This was not always the case ... started happening earlier this year. Didn't report earlier - assumed it was a bug and you would fix.
  5. sargan

    Is Enpass safe ?

    Been Enpass user for many years ..... and all upgrades have been reasonably straight forward. Yesterday Android phone icon on home page disappeared .... put it back and it run and advised it needed to upgrade to ver 6 - asked for master password - and rejected it twice. To avoid lock out - quit App. Restarted and this time on 2nd attempt it did work .. downloaded, then advised synch had to be reset up again and required DropBox username & password. Woah !!! never has this before ..... fails password 4 times, then wants new access details for my Dropbox ..... all sounding a bit suspicious - so stopped upgarde. Has Enpass been breached - or is this complete new setup actually needed.
  6. When I start Enpass ... W10 I search for an item .. select it form Middle pane and it appears in the right hand pane. Then when I click on it ... often after a sec or so it close down and I have to go back and select it again. Happens on 2 different PC's