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  1. I can confirm that after upgrading to version 6.7.4 (934), and then disabling followed by reenabling Windows Hello in the EnPass app, that Windows Hello is now working as expected. After either completely exiting out of the app or after a reboot of the PC, EnPass allows me to continue to use Windows Hello without having to reenter the master password. Thank you for fixing this.
  2. I recently was editing some info in my Google account (updating address, adding credit card) and noticed that it was not working. If I clicked on the Save button on the page, it did nothing. Navigating through the Google pages I ended up noticing that any time I had to submit any type of information to Google, I would get the same problem. Click on the Save/Submit button and nothing would happen. I tried Edge, Chrome, Firefox - all had the same problem. I also tried the various In Private/Incognito modes and still the same problem. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that if I disabled the Enpass extension in the browser, the Google site started to work again and I was able to Save/Submit information. If I reenabled the Enpass extension, the problem came back. The Enpass extension is causing some type of problem on Google's sites that is not allowing submission of information.
  3. Hello @Anshu kumar & @Pratyush Sharma there have been no replies on this for 2 1/2 months. I now have a third machine which was working fine that after reimaging now no longer works. I have to put in the password after reboot, and only then can I start using Windows Hello. Before reimaging I did not have to do this and I was able to authenticate using Windows Hello after any reboot. I will be more than happy to assist on troubleshooting the issue and providing any needed data.
  4. I am also having the problem of Windows Hello not working when first launching the app after first boot. However this problem only started to happen when I had to reimage my laptop. Before reimaging, it worked as expected and Windows Hello would always work, even after reboot. This tells me that my hardware does support the ability to do Full Time Windows Hello, and I can confirm that the laptop has an OEM TPM 2.0 chip that came with the laptop (not a TPM added after the fact). This tells me that it is a problem with the Enpass App, and not with my hardware. I am using the 6.6.3 (836) version of the app from the Windows Store on Windows 10 21H1. Below is the results from the WindowsAttestationTest app: 21:25:40.0438434 HelloSupported::True 21:25:40.0578458 KCM::OpenStatus::NotFound 21:25:40.0588455 KCM::OpenFailed::RequestingCreate. 21:25:46.1298155 KeyRetrievalStatus::Success 21:25:48.0390590 GetAttestationStatus::Success 21:25:48.3560603 PublicKeySignStatus::Success 21:25:48.3560603 If you need additional information to help troubleshoot and resolve this issue, I will gladly assist. Thank you.
  5. Thanks so much for the fix. Updating all my devices now.
  6. Can we know when exactly the update is coming out? This is affecting my ability to sync the password file on about a dozen devices.
  7. After a few months of this issue not occurring for me I hit again today. I am on 6.4.3 (666).
  8. Well I guess its not fixed yet then and I have just been lucky.
  9. I actually have not had the problem in a few weeks (knock on wood). I was originally on 6.4.1 (642) when I was having the problem, and I am now on 6.4.2 (662). Don't know if the issue was fixed in 6.4.2 (662) but I have not had the issue in a while after having it at least weekly (and sometimes more) before.
  10. I would also like to see the feature if Windows Hello is enabled, not needing to retype the Master Password after a restart. This behavior would be similar to my Android Phone and Apple iPad that it always uses biometrics.
  11. Add Duplicate to the right click menu when right clicking an item
  12. Thank you @Pratyush Sharma. Once you have a fix can you please post here.
  13. Are you having a problem with your OneDrive (Microsoft account) password or your Enpass master password trying to open the Enpass file on OneDrive? It is not clear from your posts.
  14. And the problem has happened again after fixing it earlier...
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