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  1. When typing in the master password to log into EnPass, there is no View Password button to make sure that you are typing in the password correctly. When typing a long and complicated password on a touchscreen on a phone or tablet where errors are common, this makes it very frustrating since you can't check to make sure the password was typed in correctly. Yes, the digit typed in appears momentarily when you enter it in, but it then disappears after a second. This also is not the same as being able to see the WHOLE password typed in so far. This is mainly an issue when first configuring EnPass since after that I usually use biometrics, but it makes that initial setup very frustrating. I would like to request a feature to add a View Password button to the main Enpass log on window so that if desired you can view the password as you type it or once you have finished typing it to verify it is typed in correctly.
  2. EnPass for Windows (Windows Store version) does not seem to have a built-in viewer for viewing attachments of basic file types including PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. I would like to request for this feature to be added similar to how the phone apps have them. This would mean I could just view the document within EnPass instead of having to download the attachment, find where the attachment was downloaded to, then opening the attachment to view in an external viewer.
  3. Thank you for the reply @Manish Chokwal. I did a bit more testing and it appears that what is actually going on is that the Copy button for the password does not work at all. Instead, if you hit the copy button next to the password and then try to paste, whatever was in your clipboard before you initiated the password copy will be pasted instead. I am on Windows Store EnPass version 6.8.4 (1166). I have a video showing the issue but .mp4 files are not an allowed file type to attach here. Please let me know where I can send the video file.
  4. I am using the Windows Store version of EnPass on Windows 11. As part of this I use the EnPass browser extension in Microsoft Edge. I have noticed that when I am at a site that I have to create a new entry into EnPass, when I do it through the browser extension and copy the password it generates via the copy button next to the password, it seems to copy the website URL instead of the password. This has caught me off guard a few times when the password that I just created and set for the site doesn't work (since it set the password as the website URL instead of the password EnPass generated). I can reproduce this issue repeatedly. I have learned to copy the password after creation from the app instead of from the browser extension. Can you please look into this issue and confirm if you can also reproduce on your end, and if so, file it as a bug that needs to be fixed? Thank you.
  5. I would like to request for a new field type of "PIN" that acts the same as a password field, but only allows numbers for the field. It should include a random PIN generator. There currently is a PIN field but it doesn't generate PINs like when you select password. Additionally, you can't really use the password field (and rename to PIN) because it doesn't give the option to generate a "PIN" with just numbers. The obvious use case scenario for numeric PINs includes bank ATM PINs and credit card PINs.
  6. Maybe taking this one step further and allow the addition of "custom" options where we can define what symbols can be used since the "basic" symbols may vary depending on language or being able to define what the "basic" symbols are. This is slightly different than the Include option because we would only want to use this basic/custom option for sites that limit to the basic symbols. The Include option may instead be our personal preference of what symbols we would like to include in passwords since the option is set universally.
  7. Many sites limit what symbols can be used for a password. This characteristic for a password is already addressed by EnPass by the Include/Exclude option for Symbols in the password generator. However, it is very common where sites limit the symbols that can be used in the password to just those symbols across the top of an en-us keyboard: !@#$%^&*()_+ It would be nice if in the password generator there was a third option in addition to Include and Exclude called something like "Basic" that would just default to these symbols.
  8. Thanks for the reply @Abhishek Dewan. Good to know about this feature, although it seems a bit "hidden" where we can't see the rules or know which sites have these rules. The bigger ask here though is for us to be able to define these rules on any site/account of our choosing and make the rules specific to an entry. Currently I capture these rules as a note in the entry, but obviously the password generator doesn't use this information. Instead, I have to manually change and/or set the rule in the password generator. This causes several problems: 1) The rule is now "universal" and will apply to any future entries that I either add or change, unless of course I change the rule again. 2) The changed universal rule may now not apply to any future new entries or future changes to existing entries as they may have different rules 3) If I ever have to go back to the original entry to update the password again, the "universal" rule will most likely have changed to accommodate any new entries or changes I have made since updating the original entry. This means that I will have to look up and reapply the rule for the original site. I hope you will consider making this a feature in a future version where individual entries can have specific and unique password rules for use with the password generator.
  9. Thank you @Gulshan Dogra. Can you comment if EnPass has any feature that lets me identify which passwords have been changed during a certain period of time, say in the last month, in the last two months, in the last three months, etc., or in a certain time frame, say all passwords changed from 01/01/2022 - 07/01/2022? If not, please let me know and I will post to request this feature over in the Feature Request thread.
  10. I have some accounts that share the same website/username/password but require multiple entries into EnPass. The biggest example of this is credit cards. My wife's and my credit card numbers may be different for the same account, but because they are the same account, they share the same website/username/password. I add them as separate entries due to the different credit card numbers, but again they are the same account and share the same website/username/password. I would like to request a way to "link" these accounts, so they do not show as identical passwords when I am looking at the entry or as part of a password audit. I believe there is an "ignore" option I saw somewhere, but I don't necessarily want it to ignore these accounts for audits - I just want to make sure that EnPass realizes that they are two separate entries for the same account.
  11. Currently the password generator allows you to define password rules, but these rules are "universal". I would like to see an option where you can save the password rules so that they are specific to a site. The biggest example is the symbols allowed in a password for a specific site. The password generator should have an option that you check off to something of the effect of "Save these rules for this site" so that the next time I have to generate a password for that site, it will do so correctly. There seems to already be some of this functionality in EnPass. I noticed when generating a password for a Microsoft site, there was a notice in the password generator that said "Generated using microsoft.com password requirement." This brings up the question as to what other sites have this feature, and where can we find the rules for those sites? Is there a way we can add additional sites to these rules?
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