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  1. Recently i updated my android app to latest version of enpass but after update enpass cant auto fill the details in any website i have to manually copy and paste them into the browser or in app.. so kindly note this issue and fix them as soon as possible ... and also add app uninstall protection for better security in case of android...
  2. Dear Developer, Enpass is very good app but i miss some features like device administrator. For protecting app from uninstalling via other unauthorized persons.. or accidentally uninstalling... Also add fevicon as soon as possible. And add full UI change log in new updates description in google play so we can check on which area you modify UI.
  3. As a security auditor assistant every IT companies need to do security audit and need additional security certificate.. so every Member and user can under stand the security level .. also you have to show off PCI certificate in your site if you have.. so we can understand how much you take care about our data.. im an auditor and how much costly if any company breached data from their sites.. so please understand the requirements of security audit. every 3 to 5 years system audit required..
  4. Same Question to developer every app developer gives fevicon and some site still nor captured fevicon in android app.. so add back them..
  5. Dear Developer, Enpass IO is very good app, but some best features still missing like in recent beta i shown that you change logo, every app have unique logo for apps. like see Deshlane logo is super over all internal UI not much more attractive as compare to other apps. because every apps design make more difference with other competitors. i am not says negative about apps but if you change your overall design like give controls on bottom instead of upper than more convent for one hand and more clear. you have to implement lite white design like all google apps and you have to change your app logo.. design of every app more important. also some major feature missing .. i already send mail but still no reply by developer team, in every business customer after sales service so reply to every member is more important, i am just sending some suggestions.. thank you for this beautiful app, very convenient superb work.. recently in started to add my clients login details in this app.. so i hope you understand your position in current market.. truly indian app.. superb work.... thanks in advance. Dinesh Sitapara
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