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  1. Windows 10 Professional 1903 (Build 18362.356). I sent another report several minutes ago. I answered the question (what were you doing when Enpass crashed?) as requested by the crash report window, but forgot to include my name.
  2. Since the 6.1.1 (451) update, I see intermittent application crashes when using a password copy button. Enpass won't crash if I edit an entry, show the password, select the password and use CTRL+C to copy. It only happens sometimes when I use a copy button.
  3. Nope. I'm a satisfied user. I also understand that it takes effort and resources to deliver, improve, secure and support software/services. Uhh...they named it Enpass 6 ;-) Some responses here sound very entitled and tantrum-like. If you can't stomach a very reasonable charge for major re-write upgrades, you might instead consider some other well-known subscription password management services. That way you'll know exactly what you pay for the year/month, assuming the subscription costs don't change, of course. You might also consider one of several free password managers. When you're ready to come running back, Enpass will still be here. :-)
  4. Some folder redirection group policies apply to the system in question. After upgrading to Enpass 6, it reverted to some old database on a file share. We also have offline file policies for the redirected folders, which doesn't work well with Enpass. Once I realized what had happened, I used the Disconnect option and changed the Enpass data location to a local path. I closed Enpass, deleted the local dropbox sync and wallet databases, then launched Enpass and restored from the most recent local backup. I re-configured/connected Dropbox cloud sync and sync went swimmingly.
  5. I agree that lifetime language may be unhelpful, but I don't think anyone was forced to upgrade to Enpass 6 (no one was holding a gun to your head, correct?). You were free to stick it out with Enpass 5 and the technical and security problems that would entail when it is sunsetted.
  6. I've been upgrading Enpass on my various devices (several Windows 10 systems, 1 Ubuntu system and my Android phone). Upgrades went without a hitch until my last computer to upgrade (Windows 10). After reconfiguring cloud sync (I use Dropbox), I get, "Sync Error" - "It seems you are trying to sync two different databases. After syncing your data will be merged with data on Dropbox." I'm offered two options: Disconnect or Merge. I'm not sure which is the best option. I'm leaning towards Disconnect, and letting Enpass rebuild (sync down) its local database. I added and changed a few entries on some of the other upgraded systems. The database on Dropbox should be the most current. I don't want a duplication mess, but I don't want to lose any entries, and I'm concerned about the significant discrepancy (554 local items vs 693 items in the Dropbox database). If I click Merge, will I be given the opportunity to review conflicts/duplicates and choose between items, or will that wholesale merge both databases and I will need to manually review and delete duplicates and stale/older entries? Thank you!
  7. I intermittently see "Enpass Connection Error" messages when I click the Enpass extension icon or attempt to use the extension's autofill feature. The problem is only on my laptop, with the following install environment: Windows 10 Home (64-bit, version 1607, build 14393.187) Google Chrome 53.0.2785.116 m (32-bit) Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition Enpass for Windows Enpass Password Manager 5.3.1 extension for Google Chrome Troubleshooting steps taken: Disabled/re-enabled Enable browser extensions in Enpass (desktop application) settings Disabled Verify browsers in Enpass (desktop application) settings Removed/re-installed Enpass for Windows Removed/re-installed Enpass Password Manager extension for Google Chrome Tempoarily disabled all Google Chrome extensions except Enpass Password Manager Temporarily disabled Bitdefender Antivirus protection None of the troubleshooting steps helped, but a some point, I clicked the Enpass Password Manager icon and it worked as expected. This problem occurs regularly on this laptop. On a workstation/desktop I use with a very similar install environment, Enpass works without this problem. Is there something I can do to resolve this or troubleshoot further? Thank you!
  8. Anshu, I'm not sure what you mean by "double click"... When Enpass is unlocked and "minimized to System Tray", we need to click the notification area icon, click the down-pointing arrow and click Show Enpass to display the main window. That's 3 (4 if the icon is hidden) separate single clicks, not a double click. It's also too easy to mistakenly click Quit Enpass instead of Show Enpass. Please do implement a double-click of the Enpass notification area icon to show the main window, and add an option for a (user-settable) global keyboard shortcut to show the main window. Thank you for your consideration!
  9. I'm a "Pro" customer, and annoyed by the "Do you like Enpass?" No/Yes prompt that now appears every time I open/unlock Enpass on my Android smartphone. Sure I can tap away from the prompt, but you should provide an option to not ask again. Thank you!
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