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  1. I was also looking for a way to delete password history. In my case, I only wanted to do so for a single Enpass item. As a workaround, I edited the item, added a second password field, copied/pasted the current password from the original password field to the new/second password field, then deleted the original password field and saved the item. Rename/reorder fields as desired, of course. Posting in case someone finds this helpful.
  2. Very odd. I unsuccessfully tried to reproduce with Enpass 6.2.0 (537) on a Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (64-bit) install. Take a backup in Enpass, then maybe try this at a terminal?: $ pkill -i enpass $ sudo apt-get purge enpass $ sudo apt-get install enpass That would effectively reinstall Enpass.
  3. More info might be helpful, such as: OS and version (e.g. Windows 10 Pro 1903, macOS Mojave 10.14.6, etc.) Enpass edition and version (e.g. traditional Win32, 6.2.0 [539], etc.)
  4. In Finder, go to Applications. Enpass should appear twice. If you first downloaded/installed the package from the Enpass website and later installed Enpass from the App Store, trash the Enpass application with the oldest Date Modified timestamp. As a test on a Mac where Enpass wasn't already installed, I downloaded the package from the Enpass website and installed, then installed Enpass from the App Store. This is how it appeared in Finder. Notice how the second instance is nested in a directory/folder. Apparently this was necessary because of the previous installation of the downloaded package. After trashing the older (10:54) application and emptying Trash, the newer/nested application from the App Store still worked fine. If something goes wrong, trash all instances of Enpass in Applications and simply reinstall from the App Store. I recommend first backing up to prevent possible data loss. You should regularly backup anyway. If this response helps you, please like it. See the heart button below and to the right. Thank you!
  5. Monyker


    No. You should be able to purchase Premium once. On the second iMac, sign on App Store using the same Apple ID as the one you use when buying Premium. See Apple's help: Redownload apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books.
  6. Ah. It wasn't clear from the OP's post or your first post that you're installing from the Store. Try downloading/installing the traditional Win32 edition; link is at the bottom of the downloads page. The traditional Win32 edition has a restore from "Enpass 5 Data Folder" option during first run. If you don't see the first run "I am a New User" and restore options, and you're prompted for a master password, you'll need to quit Enpass, move aside (rename) your Enpass data folder and try again. After you import your Enpass 5 data, you can take a backup, then restore the backup in the Store edition of Enpass. Or you could configure cloud sync in the traditional Win32 edition, sync up, then do the same in the Store edition to sync back down.
  7. It sounds like you've proceeded past/through "first run" of Enpass 6, where you're prompted to set up as a new user, or restore from cloud or this PC (local). Try*: Quit Enpass. Move aside (rename) any .Enpass or Enpass folders in your Documents folder. Open Enpass. You should see "first run" options to create a new user/database or restore. Scroll down (if needed) and select the option for Enpass 5 Data Folder under From this PC. Browse to and select the folder containing your Enpass v5 walletx.db. Click to import. *Works for me; YMMV.
  8. I assume you're referring to the cloud sync feature, for syncing your Enpass data across multiple devices (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop)? I use this feature (with Dropbox) to sync across no fewer than 5 devices. I have about 750 entries with a variety of password lengths (rarely more than 64 characters) and complexity and use Enpass daily. The current version of Enpass seems to support the extended ASCII character set including in password fields, though the generator apparently doesn't include these characters even optionally. You would need to copy and paste such characters into an Enpass password field. I mention this because I would expect extended set characters to be potentially more troublesome. If there were an Enpass (or Dropbox) bug causing corrupted passwords, I think there would be many other similar reports. An interesting exercise might be to show/echo the password you paste/enter where you encounter this trouble...
  9. From the linked text/explanation: I find the explanation reasonable and the privacy/security-first design sufficient. Insinuating that if Enpass sends an anonymous POST query of an entry domain (for the purpose of requesting an associated favicon) then it naturally follows that Enpass might send entry credential info...is ludicrous.
  10. Ah, that reminds me...some time ago I changed the default location on my computer, to put .Enpass directly in my user directory folder instead of under Documents. I have folder redirection and offline files (sync) set up for Documents. This doesn't work so well with Enpass. Sorry for the confusion! Glad you got it working!
  11. And it wouldn't hurt to first Make a copy of sync_default.walletx Install Enpass desktop on Windows, Linux, or macOS Use the desktop application backup feature to take a backup. Then you can migrate to your Android phone with full confidence that you can restore if something goes south during migration*. *I once entered 10 puns in a humor contest, hoping one would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.
  12. Hmmm... It sounds like you are attempting to use Google Backup and Sync or Google Drive File Stream to sync Enpass? Enpass has integrated facilities for syncing with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. When using Enpass' integrated syncing with Google Drive, no additional folders/files appear in your Google Drive. See: Vault Settings documentation (Set Up Sync, in particular) How is the new Google Drive sync working? Attempting to sync Enpass data outside of the application (e.g. using Backup and Sync directly), will almost certainly not work as desired.
  13. .Enpass should be in your profile directory, not directly in Users (C:\Users\.Enpass). If your Windows username is minusSeven, you should find .Enpass at C:\Users\minusSeven\.Enpass, assuming default drive letter assignment. To show hidden files in File Explorer, click the View "ribbon" and click Options. This will open a Folder Options dialog. On the View tab, make sure the option is checked to Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and click OK to close the dialog box (this will also apply any changes). Open your user profile directory. You should see a .Enpass directory. I don't think showing hidden files and folders is technically required to see this directory in a Windows environment. On Linux/Unix, MacOS, files and folders that are named beginning with a period are hidden by default. Windows uses a file/directory attribute/property to determine "hiddenness".
  14. Monyker

    Uninstall Enpass

    I think it's as simple as trashing Enpass from Applications and trashing .Enpass in your user profile directory (~/.Enpass), which is hidden by default. Use Terminal for the following. To list everything in your profile directory, including hidden files and directories: ls -a ~ To (recursively/forcefully) remove .Enpass: rm -rf ~/.Enpass This will permanently delete .Enpass; you won't be able to restore from Trash. Use rm -rf cautiously.
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