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  1. Thanks for your help. Out of curiosity, when you say that it is store in the database but is not accessible from the UI, you mean the local database file on my drive and not some centralize database at enpass? I think you misunderstood what I mean about adding additional website to password entries. When I associate a site to my password, I can see a list of websites associated to the site. For example, Bank of America may be boa.com and mbna.com. I wanted to know if there is a way to manually edit the URL? On some password manager, you would see a list of URL that you can then modify. W
  2. You can associate an Enpass account with a Android App, but where is this information stored? When I look up the entry, I only see the website URL. Where is the Android URL store and how do I add additional website to the same password entry?
  3. Thanks for the info. What you are saying is that if Enpass can see that the app supports autofill, it will use autofill over the other method. Is there a workaround that can be coded. For example, I notice that the Bitwarden app can autofill the bank of america password field if the accessibility is turned on (but won't work if it's turned off), so the are working around it somehow. Perhaps they if the field allows autofill and switch to accessibility when it is not?
  4. I tried turning on accessibility. The problem is that it still does not work. The only way to get it to work is to turn off autofill framework and just use accessibility. Is there a way to control which autofill is use per app or website?
  5. Thank you for this valuable information. So in Android, it is possible to prevent an autofill from the framework? This is something I have to take up with Bank of America then?
  6. Still having this issue. How do I check the URL's associated with my password entry?
  7. I am having problems using enpass with Bank of America mobiile Android App. Here's what I am doing. 1. Open Bank of America App. It prompts me for password. 2. I select Autofill, which fills the user name and not the password. 3. I can go to enpass and copy the password and then paste it into the passcode field. This does work but enpass doesn't offer to save the password or anything. Note that enpass works fine with the bank of america website on windows. I am wondering if there is an issue with the field name. Perhaps field name on the app is not the same as the webs
  8. Hi I currently use enpass but have also use Last Pass in the past. Before you switch, evaluate what you are looking for. If you want something that works exactly like last pass, Enpass is not going to work. However, if you want something that serve the same set of requirements but works differently, then let's continue. The main difference between Last Pass and Enpass is the way it stores the passwords. Last pass password is stored in the cloud on the Last Pass servers. Enpass are stored either locally. If you have multiple devices a cloud drive like google drive can be setup to sync the
  9. Hi, I have the latest Windows Hello, the latest enpass, and TPM 2.0. Yet when I restart my windows computer, I have to type in the master password and have to do it again if enpass crashes. I know this has been a recurring topic, but when will we have this issue resolved? Paul
  10. When you create an entry for a website, you can enter a URL of the website. When you are adding an android app, how do you add it? Am I correct to assume that the app is most likely to be associate with the website, so assuming that there is a bank of Springfield app for example, it would be associated with the bank of springfield website. However, I have notice that some apps like Bank of America do not appear to be associated with their website. IN fact, I am not even sure it has an associated URL at all. HOw do I link the app to the bank of America website. What if the app has no webs
  11. Thank you, as long as someone is working on it.. Paul
  12. Recently, I have notice that auto-fill no longer works reliably on my Google Pixel 3a XL phone. When I am on an app or a website, sometimes I get a drop down for enpass, somethings it doesn't appear. Often when it does appear, it appears for a second before disappearing. I can't figure out what condition triggers the drop down and what it does not trigger. I am talking about auto-fill using the android autofill framework and not the accessibility. I have tried uninstalling Enpass and then reestablishing auto-fill. However, it does not work. I have installed Enpass Beta and it did not work
  13. I like to report that I am having the same issue. Has the fix been implemented?
  14. An update apparently fixed the issue. Now PIN works properly. I have decided to purchased the software for all of the platform. Previously to 6, I was going to pick some other software due to stability issue in Enpass 5.x and that Firefox extension did not work. Now that I tried enpass 6, I notice an improvement in stability, so I decided to purchase it.
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