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  1. I am asking again to see what the status is. It feels like that this fix request has been abandoned.
  2. Hi, I am following up to see if Enpass has a fix for this issue?
  3. OK, I encountered the issue again today. I still don't know what triggers it.
  4. Note that I am having the same issue on Linux PopOS 22.04. Initially I thought I had to reinstall the enpass and extension, but I have done that 3x already and the issue did not go away. One workaround so far is to make sure tha the enpass desktop is unlock and then disable the extension in firefox and then re-enable it. This seems to fix the issue temporary.
  5. OK, Thank you. I will be waiting eagerly for the fix.
  6. I also clear the browser cache, but that did not resolve the issue.
  7. Chrome OS: 119.0.6045.192 Enpass Android app: Chrome Web Browser Extension: 6.9.3
  8. I am having some difficulty with using Enpass with ChromeOS. I have the android app Enpass install and the Enpass extension installed in Chrome. In the android app, I attempted to do the following: 1. In the android app's settings -> Autofill -> Android Autofill Service. I toggle it and it and tries to set enpass as the android app. When I tried this, it display a dialogbox saying "Make sure you trust this app". When I press OK, the checkbox is not checked. It only gets check if I set the autofill service to none. 2. Toggle "autofill in chrome browser". This connects to the chrome extension. The problem is that connection keeps being loss. what am I doing wrong and why doesn't step #1 work?
  9. Thanks, have Enpass thought about if they will do this in the future or if you will have ways to import passkeys from other vendors. I imagine that there is no published standard of how to represent passkey in JSON or csv.
  10. So I did finally get it to work. So it only works on IOS and at somepoint other platform. Question: How is it backed up. If I were to backup the vault or export it and reimport it back, will any of the passkey be restored?
  11. Ok, can someone explain to me how to add a passkey under IOS. So far, I log into icloud and attempt to add a passkey but no option to save it to enpass appears. What am I doing wrong?
  12. It is Pop OS 22.04 LTS, which should be equivalent to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The OS is using the kernal Linux 6.2.6-76060206-generic x86_64.
  13. I would like to add a warning about windows hello setup. The link you proviced mentioned that Window Hello uses TPM to securely store key values. On older devices without tpm, that is not the case. When you enable windows hello, you are required to create a pin. If you have a Windows computer without TPM, the PIN value are stored in a secure location. The problem is that many of these machine probably also do not have disk encryption. You can buy an utility to bruteforce your pin. https://blog.elcomsoft.com/2022/08/windows-hello-no-tpm-no-security/ I believe Enpass smartly forces you to enter the master password on startup if you don't have a TPM, so fortunately hacking the PIN will not allow them into the vault, but it would allow them to acquire the PIN to login. There are two things you can do to mitigate. 1. Encrypt your drive, which should prevent access to the secure element. 2. Make a really long pin simialar to a good password using letter, numbers, and special characters. Most people don't know that you can use keys other than numbers. If you are using fingerprint, you would not need to enter the pin often.
  14. Thank you for the clarification. I would like to add that despite its lack of use caes for portable usage. It's extremely useful as a backup verification. I like to make backup of the vault, but I also like to test that the backup works. One easy way to do this is to setup Enpass Portable and restore the vault and check if all of the entires are in place.
  15. This makes me question the viability of the enpass portable product. The only safe way to use it is to use it on a computer you know to be safe but can't install enpass on it for some reason. What would such a use case be? I am thinking that if there is access on the go, one should just stick to a mobile device.
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