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  1. Thank you, as long as someone is working on it.. Paul
  2. Recently, I have notice that auto-fill no longer works reliably on my Google Pixel 3a XL phone. When I am on an app or a website, sometimes I get a drop down for enpass, somethings it doesn't appear. Often when it does appear, it appears for a second before disappearing. I can't figure out what condition triggers the drop down and what it does not trigger. I am talking about auto-fill using the android autofill framework and not the accessibility. I have tried uninstalling Enpass and then reestablishing auto-fill. However, it does not work. I have installed Enpass Beta and it did not work either. It's not that doesn't work at all, but that only some of the time. Phone: Google Pixel 3axL OS: Android verison 11 Sep 5, 2020 Enpass version: (I have the paid version) Paul
  3. I like to report that I am having the same issue. Has the fix been implemented?
  4. An update apparently fixed the issue. Now PIN works properly. I have decided to purchased the software for all of the platform. Previously to 6, I was going to pick some other software due to stability issue in Enpass 5.x and that Firefox extension did not work. Now that I tried enpass 6, I notice an improvement in stability, so I decided to purchase it.
  5. To duplicate this issue. Is IOS enpass, change security setting to use a PIN. Test the PIN by using it to log into enpass app. Open a website in the vault and then select the option to populate password. User is prompted to enter PIN, Entering the PIN set in #1 does not work and will result in invalid PIN. Keep entering the PIN until the prompt for master password appears. When it does, enter the master password, which works fine. Paul
  6. Hi, i installed the new enpass 6 on a iphone with the latest IOS. The enpass is setup to pin unlocked. What happens when I click on empass password is that I get a prompt for PIN. When I entered the pin, it always said that the PIN input is incorrect. When I go into the application and try to use the PIN, it works fine. The issue only shows up when I ask Enpass to enter the site password and is prompted to enter the pin. After a few tries, I get a prompt for the master password, which does work. The issue only affects IOS. It does not occur for Android or Windows. However, it's preventing me from buying the whole of solutions. My family is on 3 platform and I need one that works on all platforms. Paul Also: Why do I keep getting a cleantalk forbidden error. This is my 5th attempt to post.
  7. Hi, I am evaluating enpass and was trying it in firefox. I am using firevox 63.03 64-bit and enpass 5.6.19 which I installed from Mcirosoft Store and is probably the Bridged version. I installed the extension from the Enpass website, which shows up as version 5.5.2. When I click on the icon empass, I get the error: Enpass extension is not able to connect with the Enpass app. I follow the screen instruction and install native app EnpassNMHost.exe 5.5.2. This however did not resolve the issue even after I restart firefox. Note that I do not have this problem in Edge on the same machine. Paul
  8. I did some research on why this may the case. My initial impression was that when you use the fingerprint reader, you would use that to encrypt the password key file. Essentially, your fingerprint is the master password. Based on your comment, this is not the case. Instead, the fingerprint only allow you to access a stored copy of the master password. Because the master password must be stored, there's no safe way to do this without using something like a TPM, is that correct? Paul
  9. I was afraid of that. The chief reason I wanted to do this is to avoid entering any password. It's for a relative who's like totally terrible with password. She keeps forgetting them or type them incorrectly. Keeping the password shorter helps. If you increase it to a longer length to be secure, she's likely to tape the password on the table or have the same password for every website she uses. So TPM isn't something that can be added on to a computer? Paul
  10. Can someone verify if we can set it up so that the fingerprint reader on windows 10 can be used in place of the master password. I believe that this functionality current functionality works on certain machine with TPM, but can it work with a usb fingerprint reader connected to a win 10 machine. Paul
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