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  1. Hello .My current plan is: Enpass Pro, Pro features (lifetime). I would like to change my email , but when i change it to another , my current plan becοmes Lite. Please help me to change my email , without to loose my Enpass Pro (lifetime) status. Thank you.
  2. I use Enpass desktop 6.4.0 ( Pro account ) , download it from Microsoft store . I imported an .xml file from Safeincloud password manager desktop version 20.2.1. I noticed that , at all the items with TOTP , the TOTP number was not shown as a six digits number , but it was shown as a code : for examle : "gvwt6xuzhdhzkyj24i2c6" , and the 30 sec clock not shown either. Please tell me what to do to fix the issue Thank you in advance.
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