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  1. So, it see I was missing something. I found the release notes page at https://www.enpass.io/release-notes/windows-10-desktop/, and there I see that the last update was earlier this year. I guess my problem is that I use the "Help | Check for Updates" option daily from within the application, and it seems it's been much longer than that since any update was revealed. Maybe it's updating itself behind the scenes and I haven't noticed.
  2. The last couple updates it seems have taken years to get released. The last update I can recall was close to three years ago. I'm not necessarily looking for new features, but for timely security updates. I don't know of another piece of software that I use regularly and that is of such critical importance that doesn't get regular security patches. Vulnerabilities and exploits are uncovered regularly in libraries and compilers that Enpass must be using. Why does Enpass go so long without releasing any updates? Am I missing an update channel somewhere?
  3. System information: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044 Enpass information: 6.8.1 (1060) I don't remember if I downloaded Enpass from the Microsoft Store or from the Enpass website, but if I go to the Microsoft Store app and search there for "Enpass," the store reports Enpass as "Installed." So, I guess I installed it from the store.
  4. Sometimes when giving the app focus after working in a different program, certain sensitive fields are not hidden. If I click the eyeball icon next to the field then it will hide, but later, when I need to copy the password again, the password is showing again. If I were doing a screen share when that happened I'd have to immediately change that password! I've not seen a pattern that consistently triggers this, but it happens fairly often.
  5. That would be great if that's the way it worked. But the problem I'm seeing is that often when starting Enpass the tag list is not only collapsed, but it's not possible to open it. I click all over the word "TAGS" on the left pane, and nothing appears. Then I quit Enpass and open it again, and finally clicking on the word "TAGS" will expand the tag list.
  6. Often when starting version 6.8.0 (1048) on Win10 the "Tags" area doesn't show any of my tags. Clicking on the word "Tags" doesn't do anything. If I exit and restart Enpass then (usually) the Tags area lists all my tags, and clicking on a tag shows all the entries with that tag, as expected. How can I get the Tags area to always be populated with my tags?
  7. Thanks for asking for some details so you can troubleshoot this. 384 total items show, but there are some in the trash. On disk, if I go to my backups folder, I see that each backup file is a bit over 1MB in size. Yes, I sync using WebDAV. Yes, all PCs and phones use this common account. It depends on the PC. The older/slower the PC the more frequently it happens. It seems to be related to that app syncing. It seems that the hangs correspond to the sync icon in the upper left showing that that app is in the middle of syncing. Again, whenever I see the hang and I go into Windows Task Manager I see disk I/O is at 100% or close to that, and Enpass is at or near the top of the IO list. Thanks.
  8. Version 6.4.1 (642) from the Windows Store. Regularly the app hangs and goes into "Not Responding" according to Windows. These hangs last from a few seconds to half a minute or so. Usually during these times Task Manager will show the disk is 100% busy. Even on an SSD in an 8th-gen i5 processor I get this behavior, but on a regular HDD the problem is much worse. I have one vault with 395 items, and the trash is empty. I have no file attachments. I have 4 Win 10 PCs, and this problem is there to one degree or another on all of them. Neither Android nor iOS have this problem for me.
  9. I see 6.0.6 shows the "Updated At" date/time in the history list. Don't know if that's new or I just missed it before, but it helps with this issue. Thanks.
  10. Sorry for not replying. After I got 6.0.6 today the scrolling of history is working. Note sure if you fixed it, or I wasn't doing it right before. I do see that there's no scroll bar in the history window, but I can use the mouse wheel or click and drag to scroll. So, my problem is addressed. Thanks.
  11. I right click a field and select "History." I'm shown as many historical entries as will fit in the window, but I can't scroll to older ones. I can maximize the window to see a few more, but I have a long list of history and I need to select older values. Win7 and Win10 have same problem.
  12. I appreciate the new "Expire After ..." field when editing passwords. However, please show the expiration date/time as one of the attributes of the password. I can go to the "Audit" area and see if a password is expired, but that's not what I'm looking for. What I need is to see the password expiration date/time when I call up the entry. Make sure you're handling time zones correctly by either showing the time zone, or at least making sure the time is displayed in the time zone of the device. I regularly maintain passwords that expire after 72 hours, and knowing the exact time that a password will expire is useful. Currently I'm still resorting to a manually created and maintained field where I type in the expiration date/time each time I edit a new one of these passwords. Also, it would useful, when specifying the password expiration, to be able to specify more than just the number of days. If the actual password expiration date/time was presented as a date/time field that could be edited, that would satisfy this need. Again, make sure time zones are handled properly. I sync across several devices of different operating systems, and those devices operate in different time zones. As a quick partial solution maybe the "History" of a field could show the current value and the date that value was set, as well as showing all the field's historical values. Then, if I know that, for example, this password expires every three days, a quick mental calculation while viewing the date that I set the current value will tell me if I need to reset my password soon.
  13. I hope you're being sarcastic ... No, I was serious. Sorry I missed your tone. I see it now. Anyway, my point is that the model of paying once and then forever getting an updated and secure piece of software seems to be a bait and switch by design. How can software development be funded that way long-term? I think that long term a project either needs to go open source and fend for itself it in the wild, or it needs a steady stream of income that doesn't rely on an endlessly-growing user base.
  14. Is there a way to unlock the premium features under Win 7?
  15. Agreed. I'm probably not as upset as the OP, but, still, a simple subscription fee to fund ongoing operations is probably easier for everyone, including the developers, to operate under. I'd pay, for example, USD 0.99 a month on Android, and then another USD 0.99 a month on iOS, just to rely on a solid, forward-thinking password manager year after year.
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