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  1. I can suggest you two good alternatives: Bitwarden (it's completely free and if you want 1GB to store your files you have to pay 10$/year) or 1Password (it doesn't have a free plan and it's more expensive than Bitwarden, but it's one if not the best password manager) I switched to 1Password and never looked back.
  2. Yes, maybe you're right. I don't think they forgot to update the year because it's almost 2 years. But I'd like an official statement about the development of Enpass, wheter it's being active or dead.
  3. Just out of curiosity, I tried export in JSON in the latest beta version of Enpass for Windows 8.9.0 and it crashes again (what a surprise). Over 1 year to not fix a bug...
  4. Yeah, I did the same. I migrated to 1Password and never looked back.
  5. I hope that the major update is imminent and it brings features like passkeys. In the meantime I had to switch to another password manager because the latest versions of Enpass are buggy, but happy to use Enpass as a backup if the new update is good.
  6. For those who need the JSON file please use Enpass for Linux as it works (fortunately). With this I exported my Enpass vault and migrated to another password manager.
  7. It's passed almost a year and it continues to happen in version 6.8.6.
  8. Version 6.8.6 (1360) it continues to crash. It's possible to have this fixed?
  9. Yeah, I also think that Enpass is in a maintenance only phase because the latest updates with a few new features was launched last september. And beside this for them to just introduce support for TOTP codes long than 100 characters took two months and the latest Enpass version 6.8.X is verry buggy; it crashes often, and it's too slow.
  10. I saw several posts from people complaining that Enpass is pratically dead, and I hate to say this but it's true; new features aren't practically added and I created two ticket for feature requests and those ticked are gone! I am seriously thinking moving to another password manager as Enpass is gone!
  11. I tried this, but it didn't work. It worked only when there were problems with the new vault architecture, but in this case is not applicable.
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