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  1. Might we hope for it in version 6.6?
  2. You should add the possibility to generate a QR (as well as other share-methods) for a Pre-shared key. Would be a good complement to your existing improvement or the password generator for PSK
  3. I had a vault of 4MB (300 items, 2 small but separate attachments, and many (maybe 50) custom icons in the database. When deleting _all_ items, and emptying trash, the database was still huge (don't remember if was 4MB or shrunk to 3MB but it didn't slim down. I made sure to delete every single custom icon. Is this by design? (I know some databases and containers won't shrink / deallocate because of performance or security
  4. OP made a feature request; He wants Enpass to lock the database after 3 attempts, and then send an email to it's registered owner with a OTP to unlock it again.
  5. I just discovered hotkeys Ctrl+<up> and Ctrl+<down> for navigating in the left sidebar. But Ctrl+<key> skips sub-tags and imploded menus, so one has to expand them beforehand. Why not add Ctrl+<left> and Ctrl+<right> to expand nested tags as well as imploded menus so we can see everything without interacting with the moues? Thanks in advance
  6. Please bring back the Dark theme for Classic mode for windows. It works and looks awesome in Linux, why did you revoke it from the Windows app, it was there when version 6 was initially launched.
  7. The solution for this is to implement Auto-type. It's an old feature request
  8. ok, again the message you recieved in the browser is expected when using a browser to that url. But since its there the dav seems running. Backup enpass vaults and then remove data and set up sync again. If you're using external storage in nextcloud for enpass id then start checking those. Check the Log within nextcloud, esp. if youre using external storage. here's how you can investiage apache-logs, if you're not familar with it already. sudo apt install multitail -y && sudo multitail /var/log/apache2/access.log or grep your IP if you have much traffic to it egrep "" /var/log/apache2/access.log You should see som PROPFIND and GET from your client reaching the Enpass-data and at least one response code if 200. redirects like 300 and forbidden 400 is fine. You should not see response codes of 500.
  9. Maybe you retained /home partition during reinstall, if it was a separate one.
  10. That's not really an error, just a hint.. are you trying to browse to the dav-url? Does any other DAV-clients work? Troubleshoot webdav in nextcloud from here https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/12/admin_manual/issues/general_troubleshooting.html#service-discovery-label
  11. It's well-known behaviour that apps in windows goes to systray when clicking 'X' in upper corner or Close. Especially when it has a reason of living permanently during the logged on user's session like Enpass does to serve queries from your webbrowsers plugin. It also makes perfect sense that the files are locked while the app is opened since Enpass needs to respond fast upon a query from a plugin or a keyboard shortcut is pressed, and also it does background sync while being locked It's techincally possible to release the file allocations while app is still running, but it's error-prone, and Enpass has builtin Sync so there is no point.
  12. Not sure if this is an issue of enpass. Enpass has its sync mechanism, mixing in another sync mechanism (Onedrive) is not ideal,generally speaking.. If you install the Store version, I think your db will reside in appdata rather than Documents, otherwise I'd stop syncing Documents if possible, Onedrive's default location is directly under user's home folder. Doesn't seem like you're able to exclude files yet in Onedrive https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/stopping-onedrive-from-syncing-specific-files/e5f3fd2e-6ec4-403b-9435-1ada19026919 At least not Onedrive personal, but for Onedrive Business the admin can apparently do it
  13. What browser? Tried to clear user data there? Is your OS time correct?
  14. Please bring Dark mode back for Classic theme in enpass for Windows. It looked so good and matches macos and Linux theme
  15. +1 Especially in addition to a designated vault for work, 365 is a very important sync provider
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