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  1. The Cloud Synchronization-feature is just that, a sync. It's _main purpose_ is to provide all devices with a central point of data. It can not be conscidered a secure disaster backup. That's a general thing, files in sync are in constant motion and prone to be deleted, corrupt or such. On Desktops, Enpass creates backups per default on your device. These are versioned and should be at least copied to a separate drive, location or something once in a while. That's a generic recommendation for these kind of data. If your phone and computer are being reset at the same time (they're on your n
  2. Sorry, but I fail to follow. No you can't recover the password, nor change it, without knowing the current one. If you still have access to all your items from any device (by using biometric), you are able to change (if needed) the registered email (account) to get Pro-features (setting up a second vault). If you can't get into the vault by any means, you're locked out if you don't have older backups. If you still have access to the data with biometric login, Enpass Support should be able to assist you if you need help to a. Changing the account so you'll get the Pro-f
  3. To do the above, you need to be able to have two vaults in Enpass. This requires Enpass Pro or Premium. When you bought the license, it should be tied to an email-address you entered at the time. Do you currently have the Pro-license activated in Enpass? If so you you just create a new Vault and copy all the items from the current one into the new one. Its important that you distinguish Account from Vault. You can only have one account registered in Enpass. This has nothing to do with the actual content\items, but as said earlier, the Account needs to leverage Pro or Premiu
  4. You've got it wrong in how it works.. you'll probably get help from support, but just to chime in; The registered account tied to your purchase isn't related to your encrypted vault. it just gives extra functionality, like unlimited Items youre mentioning.. If you have a license tied to a email, you can create one or more vaults. Without license you can only have one vault (the primary one). In what feels like a glitch in Enpass' thought-out design, it's possible to Create a new Vault with your desired password, then copy All items from the initial vault to the new one (move or copy)
  5. Elaborating on what @Pratyush Sharmasaid, The "registered account" in Enpass isn't tied to your vault nor the sync-provider. It's solely affects functionality in the app. Changing or removing the registered email for an Enpass-installation won't affect the data, the same relation applies if you're backing up\restoring vaults. Registration \ subscription is an extra step, not tied to the neither data or cloud-access.
  6. Yubikey-support is mandatory for me as well. Currently, I only use Enpass for storing TOTP-codes, and my first factor passwords are stored in a kdbx with Keeweb, which has excellent yubikey support and crossplattform for desktops.
  7. Might we hope for it in version 6.6?
  8. You should add the possibility to generate a QR (as well as other share-methods) for a Pre-shared key. Would be a good complement to your existing improvement or the password generator for PSK
  9. I had a vault of 4MB (300 items, 2 small but separate attachments, and many (maybe 50) custom icons in the database. When deleting _all_ items, and emptying trash, the database was still huge (don't remember if was 4MB or shrunk to 3MB but it didn't slim down. I made sure to delete every single custom icon. Is this by design? (I know some databases and containers won't shrink / deallocate because of performance or security
  10. OP made a feature request; He wants Enpass to lock the database after 3 attempts, and then send an email to it's registered owner with a OTP to unlock it again.
  11. I just discovered hotkeys Ctrl+<up> and Ctrl+<down> for navigating in the left sidebar. But Ctrl+<key> skips sub-tags and imploded menus, so one has to expand them beforehand. Why not add Ctrl+<left> and Ctrl+<right> to expand nested tags as well as imploded menus so we can see everything without interacting with the moues? Thanks in advance
  12. Please bring back the Dark theme for Classic mode for windows. It works and looks awesome in Linux, why did you revoke it from the Windows app, it was there when version 6 was initially launched.
  13. The solution for this is to implement Auto-type. It's an old feature request
  14. ok, again the message you recieved in the browser is expected when using a browser to that url. But since its there the dav seems running. Backup enpass vaults and then remove data and set up sync again. If you're using external storage in nextcloud for enpass id then start checking those. Check the Log within nextcloud, esp. if youre using external storage. here's how you can investiage apache-logs, if you're not familar with it already. sudo apt install multitail -y && sudo multitail /var/log/apache2/access.log or grep your IP if you have
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