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  1. Reminders would also be nice in addition to that. Reminder / alarm for an item which gives a notification on all platforms where Enpass is started.
  2. The possibility to add a Checkbox as a field type would enrich Enpass slot, it's easy to add a secure note, but with checkbox as an option it would even smoother to add shopping lists or whatever, especially when using a shared vault. Having appear also on my Wear OS watch would be awesome (the Notes field doesn't show on Watch, one has to add a multi-line using the watch)
  3. Yes please add pcloud sync the proper way
  4. The integration he's talking about isn't about storing Enpass vauis. It's secure way for password managers to supply credentials for encrypted vaults in Cryptomator. In the world of Android and ios, there are already Autofill-api:s natively builtin, but in windows and Linux there's no native alike. Today you have to copy and paste passwords into non-websites when using Enpass for desktops, which sucks since the clipboard is a poorly guarded buffer. Many of the KeePass derivates has kickass _autotype_ (not autofill) functionality for desktops which doesn't rely solely on the clipboard. The best one, hands down is keeweb IMHO. With keeweb I don't even need a browser plugin with keeweb, when having an app or website in focus, I hit a key combo and keeweb fetches the windows title and tries to read the url if using Chrome and enters the saved creds like a keyboard would. I'd also like Cryptomator-support like suggested here, but autotype would be a killer too for any kind of app.
  5. The functionality in the watch app is sufficient, but it's the only app I use on my watch that doesn't provide dark theme. That would look way nicer and also save battery on the watch
  6. The browser plug-ins just tries to connect to a certain port on your pc that it knows Enpass would listen to, be it the portable or the desktop version. The portable Enpass in turn does not look in the same directories for databases as the desktop version, so yes you have to to do a restore or start over fresh. If you had Enpass installed from Microsoft Store, the vaults and configs will be removed along with the app being deleted. If you had it installed using the EXE (downloaded from their website) the vaults are still there after uninstall, but again not looked at by the portable version.
  7. I don't quite get the question, but if you use the portable edition, you don't have to have any desktop apps installed, but if you want the autofill functionality in Firefox, the same plug in is needed as with the desktop versions of Enpass. To switch from desktop to portable versions, you're recommended to either start a new vault in the portable app and sync the items down from your cloud provider (if you used sync), or you make a backup from the desktop app and restore it during launch of the portable version.
  8. Didn't even know pCloud had dav-support. However they seem to disable it if the user has MFA activated (which you should have) https://community.cryptomator.org/t/webdav-urls-of-common-cloud-storage-services/75
  9. There's no pCloud-support, I'd file it in Feature Request-section. The latter question is true though, all the available sync providers in Enpass are usable for all platforms, and as long as you sync with the same credentials on every device you'll have the same data.
  10. Yes on both. There's folder sync as an option. Just point out the mounted USB drive. There's also the portable version of Enpass that stores not only the vault but the application itself on a flash drive Regarding the cloud sync, there's an option when you disconnect the sync provider whether data in the cloud should be removed or not. But cloud sync isn't made as an onetime backup operation so you just have to setup sync, then wait a few seconds for the sync to cloud to complete then remove the sync again.
  11. With webdav you can have several vaults syncing to the same server with the same credentials, as long as the paths are unique. (I believe)
  12. why are you not encryping or at the very least obfuscating the names of a users cached favicons when this is enabled? I know, the icons are only cached on each device not synced to the cloudproviders, and if your OS content can be read by someone else it cannot be assumed to be secure yadayada. But on a shared- or work-related machine, Im pretty sure a Enpass-user expects the entries to be confidential as well. So if someone has a strange affection to... crows, whatever, there will be a login.ilovecrows.com within %AppData% or the portable directory. If someones has several hundred entries, it gives quite alot intel about that person.. This applies to the Portable versions as well, so having website icons enabled on Enpass Portable on a USB stick means youre running around with all the URL's in your vault unencrypted.. There's no disclaimer or warning in Enpass about this, nor on the link https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/beta/what-happens-when-i-enable-website-icons/ that you provide from within Enpass. Just store them within the main vault and save your API's some queries, or at least encrypt them separately..
  13. When I long press Enpass icon on Android and select Add new item through the shortcut menu, after unlocking Enpass it shows an empty list of categories until I actively switch the vault. To add something to the primary vault I have to select a second vault and then back to the primary. Enpass 6.6.7 510 Android 11, oneplus 7T
  14. That can be done by editing a Password-property of an item (click the label Password) and select "exclude from audit" or whatever the translation says. The exclusions will show up on the Audit dashboard as "Excluded"
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