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Linkedin broke your Passkey-integration

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LinkedIn used to provide a link to login with passkeys, worked fine with Enpass.

Now they (LinkedIn) changed the flow so that a floating popup appears, reading 'login using key', when focusing on the username or password-field.

That popup however brings up Windows native login-screen (device, pin etc) and bypasses Enpass' Passkey-integration.

If more sites follow this, you might have a growing issue at hand.


For Edge and Firefox, i dont event get that floating popup at all.


Windows 11, 23H2.

Google Chrome: 122.0.6261.70

Enpass (Microsoft Store): 6.9.4 (1630)

Enpass Chrome-plugin: 6.9.3


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Thank you for sharing the details and your efforts in providing information. 

I've reported this issue to the Enpass technical team. They are currently investigating it, and I will reach out to you with updates as soon as I receive them.

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