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  1. webmaster

    More control around Password Generator

    It would be awesome too, if one could generate a password, inside the browser using a hotkey. I constantly find myself double-clicking desktop app system tray and CTRL + G to CTRL + C and CTRL + V into form than click Save from Browser to Sync. Could easily save a few clicks and 30+ seconds
  2. webmaster

    Slow Search / Search lag

    Thank you very much, helpful. How can I test a beta version for search mechanism? Will it be included across all versions of Enpass? I checked the box for beta updates... do I just have to hold my breath and wait?
  3. When I visit a website, if I look for the icon in my browser, it doesn't display a how many password items I have saved for website. Would be nice to have this, especially for websites like email, reddit or w/e where I have multiple logins. Love this Enpass, great stuff!
  4. webmaster

    Slow Search / Search lag

    I uninstalled the Windows 10 version, and tried both Portable and classic Windows 7 version. The portable one was 50% slower, maybe more.. the Windows 7 5.6.0 is slightly faster, around 15%. The lag is a tad less noticeable but still there. I reckon I'll stick with 5.6.0 - maybe I'll do some digging for changelogs and see what's been added / removed. It's very hard to find changelogs... did you know that?
  5. webmaster

    Slow Search / Search lag

    Product: Enpass Version: 5.6.2 System: Windows 10 Locale: en_US --- What can I do to remove the lag? Maybe a registry hack or something else? My machine is pretty friggin' awesome, it's not on my end. Also, the lag appears sometimes in Edge / Chrome Browser too. Whenever I search for something in Enpass, it has lag. It just doesn't make any sense. Notice the gif below, it's normally always even slower than that too!
  6. I really like Enpass.... it's waaay more awesome than LastPass. Wait, what's LastPass? Traaaaaaash.