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  1. It's not the URL that's the issue, it's the apps that get linked to the card (under Autofill information under "..." on the Android app) where there appears no way to clear this linking down.
  2. I often use Duplicate to create new similar cards for other services, but now see that they ALL have carried across the application autofill settings from the Android app. There really needs to be a simple way to clear "app autofill" information from existing cards... and duplicate card should probably "throw away" any autofill mapping information. Is there something I am missing in the app, or is this a (pretty significant) limitation that really needs to be addressed in an update.
  3. Same here - from Windows PC. Reconnected and still getting errors 1204504, 1204503 and 1207503 when try to sync. This needs urgent investigation please!
  4. Attached screen shots (with anything personal removed). UK English version of Windows 10 (20H2 latest build from Release Preview Channel). Screen shot of system details included. Screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 (4K) and scaling set to 150% - screen shot of this included. Screenshots of Enpass include blank document in Word (and this page in Edge) so that the difference in font sizes between Office 365 (scaling correctly) and Enpass in this version. Shots of the main app, the popup from notification icon and the drop down in Edge. This was all working perfectly in v6.5.0 and only broke in v6.5.1. Enpass is installed and updated from the Windows Store.
  5. HiDPI support was broken in v6.5.1 with it now showing at 100% magnification on 4K screen set to 150% magnification - making it almost unusable as fonts are much much too small - affects the main app and the popup in the browser as well as the popup from the notification bar. Please can this be acknowledged as an issue and fixed ASAP, or if this was "by design" then it really needs an option (not sync'd between devices) for a magnification factor for the UI.
  6. It's more specifically that you can't clear tags from multiple items (cards). Don't mind clearing a few tags from an individual entry, but when you have 660+ items in Enpass many of which have tags (that you no longer use or want to change all at once) then this is to say the least tedious … select an entry, select Edit button, go down to tags (sometimes on some of my entries this means scrolling down a page or so), delete each tag that may have been used and then save it. So for 660 entries with an average of 1 tag in each (and say 5% needing scrolling one page), this is around 2650 clicks.
  7. Having imported some time ago, tags are there on some of my entries, but I don't use them any more - preferring to just use folders and search. As I have over 600 entries, checking and editing these one by one will take much too long. As you have the ability to Add Tags to the selected items, it would be great to also have the ability to DELETE ALL TAGS from the selected range. Ideal in my case, but also if reorganising a set of entries where you could then first delete all tags and then add the new tags to the selection top replace them.
  8. Unlike Enpass 5, which intelligently asked for logon to the vault when you first used it (either as a browser extension, from the notifications taskbar icon or fully), Enpass 6 forces you to logon when you logon to your account. This is a real step backwards and a real annoyance. Please go back to the old model, or provide an option to logon to the vault on first USE and not simple when it is opened in the "background".
  9. Still completely quiet - so can we assume absolutely no help at all from Enpass? I know that it is probably impossible to do sync back to the previous version with all the changes (many of which are really useful) but some form of export either from within the app, or as a stand-alone (but easy to use) app/applet, directly to the sync target file could help lots of us - I know I almost never updated information directly on my phone even when the sync was there, and I could (effectively I am having to) live with the Windows Mobile app effectively being only a reader for the data.
  10. Thank you for acknowledging this, and discussing it, Vinod (and team). Hopefully we will see some options made available, especially as Windows 10 Mobile users like myself could reasonably expect to be supported (at least not broken) by critical apps like Enpass until the end of 2019 if not some point in 2020, given the clear announcements around no more fixes after Dec 2019 and auto-backup and other services likely to start being shutdown around March 2020. Personally, I am still hoping that Microsoft provide some mobile devices (aka Andromeda) given that Windows Phone/10 Mobile still have by far the best user experience - even if the app drought gets worse by the month.
  11. As above - mine was at 175% (4k monitor) but tried at 150% and also tried setting back to 100%, all with same issues.
  12. See attached screen shot - completely broken and effectively unusable. Someone did not test this properly before release! Needs to be fixed (or rolled back) as a matter of urgency!
  13. Brought across from beta forum now v6 released For those unable to upgrade some devices to v6 (Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, and any Windows RT users) you really should provide some level of backwards compatibility support - for example, by being able to export a v6 vault to a v5 vault as best as it can (potentially allowing this to overwrite the existing one) on a PC which would the allow the v5 portable app to sync this as normal. Alternatively, an file export format that works well with the v5 client would also be an option, although a more fiddly process. Original post: Members 7 6 posts Report post Posted Monday at 03:10 PM (edited) RE: WINDOWS 10 MOBILE SUPPORT EDITED/ADDED TO: Then please can you either ensure that a stable version of Enpass 5 is kept available for Windows (at least) so that those who haven't moved (and maybe can't move) off Windows Mobile immediately can continue to use Enpass --- and ideally provide some way to export the data from 6 back to 5, recognising that some of the new features will not have any counterpart in 5. This could be by providing an XML export capability in version 6 that can output in a format that one of the existing imports could cope with - or by providing an external utility to copy and convert a selected v6 vault to the v5 vault (overwriting the existing one) which could then be sync'd to the Windows Mobile devices. I have been looking at whether the export to text and import (using the SPB Wallet import) could be made to work - there are a couple of issues with importing the current text export: 1. the title looks like a field (so every entry in v5 becomes empty with the first field being "Title") which can be fixed by a RegEx search and replace; 2. where a colon in the title (and maybe other fields, although not sure about this) changes the title into a field and splits the information; 3. multi-line notes cause issues as the import can think that the split lines are actually a new entry. With some manual intervention this can be ok, but not a regular option.
  14. Reposted from Beta forum now version 6 launched. Multiple Vault Feature/Enhancement Suggestion: One of the great things with the multiple vaults is the ability to keep different sets of information separate - and sync'd via different channels. To improve them further, it would be really good if you could allow more control over the security of each vault so that, for example, you could: 1. disable PIN/Windows Hello access to one or more of the more secure/private vaults being stored so that the full password or an alternate PIN had to be used; 2. set up whether or not a vault is included in the "All Vaults" usage including searches. This would allow sensitive vaults to be stored but properly partitioned from the main vault - and would make the multi-vault feature even more useful and compelling.
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