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  1. Hi @mike_w Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Fingerprint can be disabled for various reasons like an OS update, the addition of new fingerprint. Your master password is the only key to your Enpass data and we expect you to remember that.
  2. Hi @Druid, I would suggest to please try updating the app in a while as the option to update is provided by the Google Play Store only, not the app. But if the problem still persists, then please take backup of your Enpass data first, uninstall and then re-install the app again. It will get the issue fixed.
  3. Hey @ssanchez , Please make sure you have logged in with a valid Google account in your device and also the Google Play services are updated on your device. And if the issue still remains the same, then please provide us the Device name you're using Enpass on, Android OS version and also the Enpass version. Our testing team will test the issue, and we will come up with a solution shortly.
  4. Hi @Patneu, Yes, this happens when you are using Enpass Keyboard with FIREFOX as Firefox doesn't provide the URL info based on which we show matching items (as we do in Chrome browser). Hope this helps!
  5. Hi @Tobias S., Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it and look for best way to implement it. Cheers!
  6. Hi @Ricardo, Yes, you are right. Enpass only works on Chromebooks that support Android apps.
  7. Hi @rmckenzi, You can add same account in Chromebook that you used for purchase in Android.
  8. Hey Enpassians! With the recently released Enpass Beta 5.4.4, your wait for Enpass app for Google Chromebook is now over. We have also released a Enpass browser extension 'Chromebook Connector for Enpass', which is specially designed to work with Chrome browser in Chromebook. It will definitely enhance your browsing experience by autofilling all your usernames, passwords and credit cards on the web pages you browse in Chrome browser in Chromebook. For that you need to install a browser extension Chromebook Connector for Enpass from Chrome Web Store. For any help regarding autofilling in Chromebook, have a look at user manual. NOTE: The list of Chromebook that supports Android Apps is available here. The complete change-log of Beta v5.4.4 is: * Introducing Enpass for Chromebook. For Autofilling in Chrome browser of Chromebook, you will need to install browser extension "Chromebook connector for Enpass". * Folder sync : Now you can sync your Enpass keychain locally to any folder on your device. * A quick setup page to enable Fingerprint, Cloud sync and get started with sample items. * Now user can choose any folder to backup Enpass data & restore it. * Improved selective field sharing. * Compatibility improvements for Android N. * Minor bug fixes. This is a Beta and there might be some bugs to frustrate you. Please release all your frustration here by reporting them. Cheers!!!
  9. Hi @maetthew , Folder sync feature is ready for android & you will be able to use this feature in upcoming version of Enpass.
  10. Thanks for reporting. We have already fixed it and will release an update soon.
  11. Hi @sikcol I have some more queries to understand it more clearly how your stale data is being dominant over new data. Is there any particular set of stale items those are never replaced with fresh ones? Did you try editing them again and if yes then was the attempt made from same device? In the screenshots it seems that there is some significant difference in system time (last synchronized should be same). Please confirm. And if so, please try syncing again after setting the same time on both devices. Have you ever updated any older Enpass database recently? Any old backup which you restored recently. Cheers!
  12. Hi @klee, Just to update you that we have tried all possible update cases in our test labs, but Onedrive sync is working without problem. Lets wait for next update and see if the problem still persists.
  13. Hi @flo , Thanks for reporting. We will look into this issue.
  14. Hi @Tobias S. , Please tell us few thing so that we can investigate more about this issue, Which Android version you are using? Which Enpass version you are using? Is Enpass Accessibility Service ON in your device? Is this happen only while trying to autofill in Chrome browser or others apps also not recognized by Enpass autofill?
  15. Nikhil Kumar

    5.1.5 Beta

    Hi @DoughP, We have released new Enpass beta version 5.1.6 with some fixes for Autofill using Notifications. Please update your Beta build and let us know if it works. Thanks!
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