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  1. Binh Truong

    Support add icon for Tag

    Currently we only support add icon for website but when we manage Tag and Subtag then we should support change icon of tag with custom icon instead simple.
  2. Currently we already support SubTag so please support move current tag to existed tag to create tree. If i have 15 item in Tag A and I need change TagA into Tag:TagB then I have to edit Tag of 15 items, it takes time. So if we can move whole TagA into Tag then rename TagA to TagB.
  3. Binh Truong

    Remove custom icon?

    Enpass should support feature to remove custom icons.
  4. Binh Truong

    Enpass 6 is affected by Magellan Vulnerability

    Thank for your sharing.
  5. Hi Enpass team, Currently there is the Magellan Vulnerability on SQLLite. Enpass use SQLCipher engine and SQLCipher use old version of SQLLite (under 3.26). So I wonder if encrypted data of Enpass is still safe with this Magellan Vulnerability? Thanks, Binh
  6. Thanks. I can restore my data on Win PC. Can i restore data on iOS with new change? I am using WinPC and Enpass beta on iOS.
  7. I'm confusing with your explanation. I use Enpass 5 but I switched to Enpass 6 beta and now my data from Enpass 5 is not up to date as Enpass 6 beta. With your explanation then I cannot keep syncing data of Enpass 6 beta after Enpass 6 is release official. What should I do with my data Enpass 6 Beta?
  8. You should uncheck "Match URL Hostname" in Setting-Autofill.
  9. Binh Truong

    Enpass 6 Beta not responding on Windows

    I also hit this issue. Please let us know when next update is available from last update v.72 (19-Jul). It's too long time for beta build.
  10. It works well on iOS 12 beta. 1. Change icon works well without crashing as Windows and MacOS. 2. AutoFill works perfect. This feature is 1Password demo first but Enpass 6 go first for beta. 3. "Unlock Sound" does not work with AutoFill. It always has sound although other features work well with "Unlock Sound"
  11. DUT: Windows 10 Pro latest up to date Enpass Beta 6 v6.0.0.41 (latest) Steps: 1. From Primary Vault, select one item or some items 2. Right click and select "Add to Vault" 3. Select desired Vault (Working) 4 Select Copy or Move 5. Check Vault Working Expected: Selected Items should be moved/copied to Vault Working Actual: There is no items in Vault working Note: Try restart Enpass 6 but it still does not work.
  12. I've just run Enpass and I really love additonal security when Enpass support Key File. Enpass í security and now more security. @Anshu kumar 1. When Enpass 6 beta will be Android and iOS 2. When Enpass 6 release it will be support key file for all platforms or only Windows?
  13. Binh Truong

    Upgrading to Pro

    Hi @Anshu kumar I have Enpass promo license and now I login Enpass with third devices then it said that I reach than 5 devices. I guess it count old devices (I sold these devices and reset factory). Please show me how to remove old devices from list devices Enpass mention? Thanks Binh
  14. I know that feature but I hit another case. When I launch some application with lgoin from them Enpass does not show Enpass icon Notification so I cannot use AutoFill. My workaround: Pull down notification then refocus again into login form (user name or password) then Enpass icon appear and I can use Autofill.
  15. Hi Team, I already enabled AutoFill and I can use AutoFill with Android 6 (LG G5). After I upgrade fresh Android7 then Autofill cannot shows in notification when I open app. This is app I use: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobile.acb.com.vn Workaround: I select AutoFill of Lastpass then icon AutoFill of Enpass appear. With Android 6 I still installed Lastpass and Enpass and it works well on Android6 Device: 1. LG G5 Android 7 2. Enpass stable: 5.5.2