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  1. This started a couple months ago, but in my Credit Union's Android app Enpass prompts to auto-fill the fields and I can choose the appropriate credentials, but Enpass always fill in the password for both the username and password field. Every time, I correct the username and login then Enpass prompts me to save the "new" settings, which I have tried repeatedly. Everything in the Enpass looks good when I look at the entry, and it works fine in a desktop environment (both Windows and Linux, multiple browsers), but every time it fills it incorrectly in the app in Android. I have no issues in filling in passwords on the device for any other site or app. The phone is a Pixel 3a XL running the latest Android 10 (Dec 2019 update). The app is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.malauzai.DH23609 Any help would be appreciated, its annoying since I have multiple accounts/logins to this site and can't just use their fingerprint login. Thank you.
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