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  1. The fact that there isn't any proper communication from the developers is highly concerning to me as a paid customer. Proper communication would have gone a long way to calm your userbase. Very unhappy with this debacle. If it's that big of an issue you should have an announcement banner on your website so people don't have to go grasping at straws, as to what the issue is. Not everyone will go check twitter like i did: I solved the issue by installing the non-store version for now. Enpass you need to step up your communication game if you don't want to loose your customerbase.
  2. Can confirm this personally on Android and Windows 10 and as others have posted in the Forum it seems to be the case for all other platforms as well. Something like this should definitely not happen and will make people reconsider your product - especially considering your recent announcment. It should have been noticed before an update has been released. Please add your voice or a +1 to this post so the devs see this as quickly as possible.
  3. Can verify, this is true for all updates on all platform at the moment. It's broken everyhwere and it has nothing to do with your secrets. Please fix this ASAP.
  4. I would love to see a way to assign a specific DOM-Element-ID or DOM-Selector to a saved Field in Enpass. This would remove the problem people are facing with pages that have registration and login forms on the same page.
  5. I've come across this issue a lot lately as well. In my case the password is filled in the correct field. But the email field is filled in the "Registration"-Part of the page instead of the "Login"-Part. I would love to have the possibility to define the ID or a DOM-Selector that Enpass should use for a specific field. That would help to alleviate this problem.
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