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  1. Hi there, I am quite happy with your product. There is only one occasion where it does not fill in information properly. See attached copy. When I click enpass to have it fill in the information, it fills the left column (which is wrong) because it is for the first registration only. It should, however, fill in the right hand column where it asks "Already registered?" Have you made any progress when it comes to wifi-sync?? Thanks Friedrich
  2. Hi there, came across a funny thing: when I am trying to start enpass via browser extension on my macbook air, I receive an "Enpass Connection error" message (see picture). When I start the enpass desktop app first, the error message does not appear. On my windows pc I can start the browser extension and everything works without having to activate enpass desktop app. Any suggestions? Thanks Friedrich
  3. Hi, I‘d love to see that feature, too greetings
  4. Hi, thanks for the quick response. How long is it approximately going to take for the Enpass 6 to see the light? There is one more thing. I've synched my win10 with my macbook via google drive. So far, so fine. There is one thing, however, that irritates me. On my windows pc I can use ctrl + # to autofill data. I found it by chance because there is no shortcut to be seen in the enpass browser settings. There is, however, such a shortcut on my macbook (cmd + /). But it does not work at all. Neither does it work with cmd + # or any other shortcut. Do I have to change that myself in the browser settings (here Chrome) to get the autofill thing going? Thanks Friedrich
  5. Hi there, when I open the settings in enpass on my win10 desktop, there is no iCloud box to tick. (None, Dropbox, google drive, onedrive, box, webDAV/owCloud, but no iCloud). Thanks for your help Friedrich
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