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  1. Desktop v 6.6.0 - Windows 10 Updated / new passwords not sync with Dropbox db. Forcing sync and although reports sync completed the db is not updated and therefore enpass on mobile not uptodate. Disconnected all devices and renamed db in dropbox. Tried to connect desktop, set-up sync, but now getting "Could not verify your credentials...". What's the next step? Re-install Enpass? Problem found. Proxy setting caused the sync issue.
  2. Hi, I hope it gets considered... but in the meantime is there any workaround you can offer. Possibly a way to synchronise the 2 vaults outside Enpass. For now, I had to add a comment on every shared entry to remind me that is shared and ensure I copy it over. But when I update a login on the primary vault and copy it over to the secondary vault it creates an additional login which is wrong. It should offer the option to overwrite the existing one or create a new one - just basic copy/paste rules. Can I at least have this function? I seem to have more work and more to remember to do instead of having Enpass making my life easier...
  3. I have my primary and secondary vault that share copies of logins/etc... from the primary. I would like to have any updates and changes to any of the shared logins/etc... done on the Primary or Seconadary vault to be reflected to the other vault. Can it be done and doing it manually is not the answer I am looking for ... it is a shared vault after all.
  4. Hi, It's on all the websites and is happening on my windows desktop application. The autofil prompt pops up as expected on the android app. On the desktop application I have to click on the EnPass icon on my browser first, login in and then the prompt will pop up. As far as I believe this is how the desktop app behaves or am I wrong?
  5. I am really dissapointed that no action is taken on this issue by the developers. Comments are passed over to them but they seem to ignore them possibly hoping they will go away. Personally, and although I bought a subscription, i am seriously thinking of let go Enpass, write off my loss and put it down to experience. I would like to see the app helping me by telling me that I have logged and registered already on the site instead of me having to go and look for it. other password managers seem to be able to do this quite easily and I dont understand why it cannot be done in Enpass.
  6. Replying to my own post. Created a new windows 10 user account and profile from scratch. That resolved the problem but still dont know what went wrong. This is a lenghty process trying re-create all my previous settings and applications. Unfortunately I couldnt find an error log with more details or anything to point to problem. Sorted for the time being...
  7. Win10 - Enpass 6 Decided to create an additional vault. I did not complete the process as I do not have the premioum version yet. Now I cannot sync with the original vault. Disconnected and reconnected sync but I get "error while restoring data" Uninstalled Enpass and perform a new installation. Still same error. Sync works ok on phone and on second test laptop ( on second laptop i disconnected and reconnected sync just make sure is still working). Any suggestions?
  8. I understand fully. But the point I am making is that autofilling an existing login is not as friendly as other password managers. I am experimenting at this moment with 3 password managers. Enpass , Myki and Sticky and all using brower extensions. Myki and Sticky jump out straight away volunteering to fill the information - actually they attach themselves in the user and password login boxes. Enpass on the other hand expects me to go and click on the icon first. Why? So far I prefer Enpass as the other have other issues that I find more annoying or missing other functions - eg one of them lacks the functionality of "click-to-call" a phone number or "mailto" in the notes ( you could say is a minor thing but it could be very annoying trying to copying or remembering the number in order to make a call or send an email. I am glad is available in Enpass. I believe what I am asking will help make a very good app even better. Sometimes small changes like make the Autofill more AUTOfill can make the app more friendlier and easier to use. Main question to you. Are you a company that appreciate user's suggestions and do something about it... Bonus to you is that you are monitoring this forum and you are very prompt... definitely a bonus to Empass.
  9. Thanks for the advice. To be honest I expected a different behaviour on Autofilling I didnt realise I needed to manually launch Enpass Assistant. I expected this to be automatic. Enpass should automatically offer to fill the login, credit card or form. A similar behaviour as the one for saving a new login. I think this is the normal behaviour of most password managers. It should be easy to implement - you already have it for new logins. Can this be done?
  10. New user here. I cannot get Enpass to autofill or create automatically a new login. Its happenning on both Firefox and Chrome browsers on win 10. I am sure I have ticked all the boxes but still no luck. My old Roboform used to jump in straight away to fill forms, logins or save a new login. If login on an existing site with its loging info already saved then clicking on the enpass icon in the browser it will show the correct entry but it wont offer to autofill. What have I missed? Any help will be appreciated...
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