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  1. Recently, I discovered that Digital Guardian (corporate security software) appears to block the Enpass Extensions from communicating with the Enpass Application. I originally thought the issue was with the Enpass software about a month ago and then they started working again, but I received an update to the security software and the behavior is back. Not sure if you can work with Digital Guardian to recognize the function as legitimate or look into an alternate method. For now, I will have to use Enpass without the extensions.
  2. It appears that this bug has resurfaced in 6.5.2. I am noticing that I am getting the screen to pop back up after I minimize.
  3. I am following up. This issue continues to exist in release 6.4.3 (666).
  4. I know this is a minor issue, but is there an estimate for when we can have this item corrected?
  5. Its been about 6 weeks since I first reported this bug and we are still on version 6.4.1. Is there a roadmap of when the next release will occur? Even though there are workarounds, this is core functionality that is not working correctly and is a regression considering it was working in the 6.3.x releases.
  6. Thank you for the update. I am hopeful to see the next update soon since this was a regression with one the recent updates.
  7. I also discovered that hitting the copy button says the password has been copied, but it also changes the password displayed. I am increasingly concerned with this product. I am running on Windows 10 and Enpass 6.4.1.
  8. I am using the version for Windows 10. I am running 6.4.1 and still get the same behavior.
  9. I am seeing a strange behavior with the password generator. When I select the generate button, I get a password, when I hit the Fill button, it fills the password field with another password. This is causing me to have broken application access.
  10. On Enpass 6.3.3 I am noticing a unique behavior. When I click on the minimize button for the first time after starting the application, instead of minimizing, it pops right back up on the screen to its original position from where I clicked the button. When I click the minimize button the second time, it works properly and continues to work properly.
  11. Yesterday, I had to update my password for a couple of web applications. The extension offered to replace the password and the function worked except that the new password was not updated in the Enpass database. There was no indication of an issue until I attempted to log in this morning. Windows 10 Enpass version 6.2 Chrome Extension 6.0.2 Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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