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  1. @Garima Singh Hi, this has become a more serious and significant issue/bug. Here's what just happened (and I'm now concerned about how many other times it's happened and I don't yet know with what items). Background: I'm going through my entire vault of several hundred website logins and I'm updating my passwords with them all. As I have been working my way down the list I have been encountering this refresh issue and the scroll list of my items on the left pane will refresh very often. In other words, in the middle of what I am doing the focus of that list will randomly jump to
  2. One more thing.... it seems to do TWO refreshes a few seconds apart after saving changes to an item.
  3. @Garima Singh, @Ivarson is correct. What he describes above is what I am experiencing and it is very frustrating. And it can happen after any action, not just after editing an item. For instance, if I send an item to Archive it will do a refresh about 5 seconds later and interrupt whatever action you may be taking after you sent the item to Archive (as an example). Whatever is causing this needs to be adjusted or at least have a way to disable it until after you are done making edits or using the app. Thanks so much for checking into this. I absolutely LOVE Enpass but this is the one, ma
  4. @Garima Singh Maybe I did not explain myself clearly enough regarding the modification of templates. I think what you show in your screen prints is how to edit a custom template. I know how to do that but what I want to do is edit the existing template that comes with Enpass because I do not want to have duplicates. In other words, I do not want to have ANY custom templates but rather, just make small changes to the ones that come with Enpass by default. I hope that is more clear. Can I do this? Thanks.
  5. Hi @Garima Singh Thanks for your help. Are you using any cloud to sync vaults in Enpass? Yes Let us know if you have registered Enpass as a Lite/Pro/Premium user? Premium lifetime license Are you using a Single vault or Multiple vaults in Enpass? I have 4 vaults (Primary plus 3) but am not really using the other 3. The other 3 are not synched via cloud either.
  6. Hey, thanks for your response. I think you could be onto something here. I still want to do more testing but I believe if I am not actively editing and updating items then the problem I'm experiencing does not seem to occur. I've been noticing it a bunch because I have been actively and furiously updating and editing all my items and going from one to the next to the next in fairly quick order. So what you suggest seems to jive with my experience. I'm going to watch to see if this is consistent with what I am seeing. THANKS!!!
  7. Sorry for the delayed response. I ended up reformatting my PC and reinstalling everything - partially to see if it would fix this issue but I had other reasons too. I'm now back up and running. The issue is still there but it does not seem to be happening quite as often. The best way to describe it is that the program refreshes itself every 20-30 seconds depending on what you are doing. I mostly notice this when I am scrolling down a list of items like my logins. I'll be dragging the scroll bar down and half way down it will refresh and put me at the top of the list. It also happens whe
  8. You can also collapse and expand the sections like Categories, Tags, Audit, Others from the left sidebar by single clicking on the section name. Thanks. Not sure how I missed that but thanks for letting me know. You can change the data location if you install Enpass from the Enpass website (Store version doesn’t have this feature). To change the database location, please follow these steps: Open Enpass → Under Settings, go to Advanced → Click on Change Location to change the data location. If I download it from the website and reinstall over
  9. Hi, I've finally switched from Dashlane and LOVE Enpass. I'm very meticulous with my password managers and have been spending quite a lot of time in Enpass getting familiar with it and setting up my items. Having said that, I have compiled a list of several things I'd like to see get implemented in a future version. Thanks so much and keep up the great work! In no particular order: Wherever you need to enter a date, it would be nice to have a calendar widget pop up to ensure dates are getting entered consistently throughout Enpass. There needs to be a better means for
  10. Hi, This might be a weird one but I'm at a loss right now. I've been spending a lot of time in the desktop app - I'm a new user and cleaning up my import and such. What happens all the time, like every minute or so, is that Enpass will seemingly do a refresh and kick me out of editing an item or even just taking me back to the top of my login list. At first I thought I might have a key stuck on my keyboard or an overly sensitive mouse button but I think I've ruled that out. It happens when I'm not even touching anything. I've rebooted. I have diabled all mouse buttons except
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