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  1. Thank you for the help. I contacted you at and get no answer. As many colleagues I know having the same problem.
  2. Don’t try. You will get no answer. This is my experience. It was just a lie that PREO users can continue to use their license. Thy just disowned us and now we can look for an alternative.
  3. I’d like to use enpass on my iPad with Edge. But I can’t install the extension because I get the message, that I must install the newst version of Edge. But I have the newest version. What can I do? iPad Pro, iPadOS 16.1.1, Edge 110.0.1587.50
  4. 1. On a PC with Windows 10 with Vivaldi, Chrome an Edge; on a Mac with Big Sur with Vivaldi. Chrome and Safari 2. 6.6.3 (840), but the problem is old 3. Yes. But I have no list.
  5. That's really strange. The first question was in november. Now we have the end of June. The problem is much older. In seven months no change, and you believe really that somebody believs that you work on this issue? I don't.
  6. There are some pages where autofill doesn't work. For example tumblr.com. Is there anything I can do? I use Vivaldi but it's the same with Firefox and Safari and Edge.
  7. I can't figure out how to use the system wide hotkey. In the preferences window I read that this hotkey (for example smd-alt-#) lets enpass appear, whenever I press it. But doesn't. Nothing happens. I also don’t understand how I can activate enpass in my browser (Safari or Vivaldi). There is the hotkey I can define, but it has no effect. Is there a general problem with Catalina? With Windows all works without any problem. And I beliebe, 1Password can do it also. But don’t want to return to 1Password...
  8. Until recently I could press ctrl-alt-# and select a login. My browser then opened a webpage and entered the passwort etc. Not this is over. I can select the login but nothin happens. What can I do? (I tried Vivaldi and Firefox with the same result.)
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