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  1. I'm on version 6.5.0 (700) and the issue is still there.
  2. Long time user and perhaps cause of the tags/item relics in question. I have a tag which shows items but some of those items don't actually exist. They seem to have been items that have been deleted or moved to other vaults. For one such moved item, if I'm in "All Items" view of "All Vaults" and search for the errant item, only one item shows. If I goto the Tags view with no search, I see listed 2 of the same item. If I click on one of those items, it shows the information as it should, whereas the other "bad" item is blank. And as these are not valid items, I can't delete them. How can I clean these out? This is the same on Desktop (6.4.2) and IOS (6.4.4).
  3. Can confirm this is the behavior is see on Mac Desktop Version 6.1.3(420)
  4. jhk

    Enpass RAM issue

    Mac OS X 10.14.5 Enpass 6.1.1 App Store Two Vaults with 687 combined items: One synced via Google Drive, one synced via OneDrive. Also confirming increasing memory usage as time progresses. After an initial memory usage of about 130MB it grows at a pretty consistent rate of about 40MB per hour. Currently at 850MB after 18 hours. The search in Enpass app and extension pop-up in Safari are laggy.
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