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  1. On macOS when joining a WiFi network that uses a captive portal, the OS generally creates an isolated browser window to display the captive portal and allow you to enter your credentials. Currently there's no way to access Enpass to auto-fill these credentials, forcing the user to go to Enpass in the menu bar and manually search for the captive portal information. Similarly, when using native applications, like for example a VPN client (in my case Viscosity), there's no way to autofill the VPN credentials. Other apps, such as GPGTools attach to the right-click context menu of the password field to allow auto-filling of key material. It would be nice if Enpass could do the same, and ideally associate password entries with native applications like it currently does with web sites.
  2. plinss

    [6.3.0] TOTP Broken

    Same issue, removing spaces from the stored secret resolves the issue. This is a regression as spaces were previously ignored. Note that many web sites and apps generate TOTP secrets with spaces in them. Having to manually remove the spaces is a pain.
  3. +1 to supporting Shamir's Secret Sharing for emergency access. I want to ensure that my family can access my passwords should I become incapacitated, but don't want to record my master password anywhere. Since you're already using PBKDF2, you could simply add some UI to expose the derived key as a set of Shamir shares, then add a recovery mode accepting the shares instead of the master password and reconstruct the derived key directly. In principle, you shouldn't need to change the existing encryption code or database at all.
  4. Was just looking for this feature, it would be great to be able to integrate Enpass with other systems, such as: https://git-scm.com/docs/gitcredentials
  5. I often enter some text into the search field and then select one of the items to make some changes, however as soon as I do anything, like edit the selected item, the selection changes back to the first item in the list. This generally causes me make followup edits in the wrong item because the change of selection is unexpected. Ideally a selected item should remain selected as long as it's visible in the search results.
  6. Currently the right-click: "Add to Vault" option is only available when viewing items in a single vault, it would be very helpful for this option to also be available when viewing items in all vaults.
  7. Seeing the same on a Mac Pro. Enpass 6.0.3 (300) running on macOS 10.13.6
  8. This appears to be resolved by an update to V1.0.4 of Nextcloud's end-to-end encryption module.
  9. Hi Akash, further testing shows that the problem appears to be related to the new end-to-end encryption module. When I disable end-to-end encryption the sync starts working again, re-enabling the module causes sync to start failing with the error "Error getting file. Please try after sometime (Error code: -119)" on iOS and "There went something wrong while synchronizing. (Error code: -116)" on macOS desktop. Note that I haven't actually enabled end-to-end encryption on any folders, just turning the end-to-end module on causes the problem. At this point I have end-to-end turned off on my instance, but I can turn it on and create a test account if you need one, but please give me a time window when you'd be able to take a look so I don't have to keep it on (and break my syncing) for too long.
  10. Running Enpass v5.6.3 (139) on macOS desktop and v5.5.6 on iOS. I have been successfully syncing to a Nextcloud instance for quite some time. I just upgraded the Nextcloud instance to V13 (from V12) and Enpass sync no longer works. No useful error messages and nothing relevant in the Nextcloud logs, the Nginx access log lists: "PROPFIND /remote.php/webdav/ HTTP/1.1" 207 5488 "PROPFIND /remote.php/webdav/Enpass/ HTTP/1.1" 207 848 and nothing else related to Enpass. All other Nextcloud functions, including WebDAV file sync with the Nextcloud client are working normally.
  11. Rearranging the username and email fields does help for the initial login, but then I run into the same problem with the two-factor prompt. Tried moving the TOTP field first and changing its name, but nothing seemed to work
  12. When logging in to a Mastodon instance (example https://mastodon.cloud/ ) the autofill always puts the 'username' into the 'email' field (also replacing existing content, which is annoying). My Enpass entry has both 'username' and 'email' entries and the form element has the following html: <input aria-label="E-mail address" class="string email required" autofocus="autofocus" placeholder="E-mail address" type="email" value="" name="user[email]" id="user_email" /> I'm guessing the either name "user" or the id "user_email" is keying it to the username field. Perhaps the type attribute can be used as a filter (or better trigger?) It would also be useful if the autofill didn't replace existing contents (maybe a per-item preference?) (Firefox extension OSX v 5.5.2 (82))
  13. Same problem, Enpass 5.3.1 (60) on a MacBook Pro (macOS Sierra 10.12.1) syncing to ownCloud 9.1.1. I'm willing to make a test account on my ownCloud server if you need one.
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