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  1. High CPU temperature impacts lifetime of your hardware because of heat. Any mobile device running on battery does have a huge shortage of battery lifetime. Please don't write esoteric things I never write explode. I wrote it grills my hardware and yes, it runs very hot. If I'm unknown of this behaviors it would even now runs hot, nearly 24/7. Not every common user does have the activity and a temperature monitor running all the time on her/his Mac. Any common user doesn't know something about processes. They want to use App 1, App 2, App 3... for daily work.
  2. No one does have high CPU problem when the Mac goes into standby/sleep and then wake up, letting Enpass running all the time?
  3. Thank you, but didn't work for me on the Mac mini where the problem exist.
  4. After upgrading to Sierra GM, Enpass Extension say I should open Enpass app even it is running and the Extension doesn't work. This is on my Mac mini at work. At home I also upgraded my MacBook to Sierra GM and here it is working (but grill it - see it on another post). On the same Mac mini, Chrome and Firefox Extension works. How can I reset Enpass completely?
  5. Hi, Enpass (newest 5.3 version from App Store) grills my MacBook (without fans) and runs 100%. WTF!!! I bought the iOS version to have all my passwords in sync over my WebDAV server. This is what 1p doesn't deliver. But the behavior of Enpass on my MacBook makes me angry, your app ruin my MacBook!! Doesn't matter if it was running on El Capitan (latest) or now Sierra GM. I just forgot the exit Enpass before going into Standby and let run my MacBook nearly 20h(!!!) at 100% CPU. I have the problem since day 1 with Enpass (2-3 weeks ago). Please fix this ASAP. Apple shouldn't let this type of apps in the App Store. 72Enpass
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