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  1. I'm seeing this problem as well. I think it's also happening on Windows
  2. Sample: axgz ms4t bhmp uwdh zihm mgs6 73ny co4l Works without spaces in 6.3.0
  3. I updated to the latest version of Enpass this morning and it appears there is an issue with TOTP generation. All my accounts that have a secret stored are now reporting "Invalid TOTP Secret". I tried disabling 2fa for one of those accounts and setting it up again with the same result. I have backup codes I can use for a very brief period, but this is a pretty significant issue. Additional info after further testing: It looks like it may not like it when there are spaces in the secret. When I tried setting it up again using the QR code and Enpass 6.2 on Android it generates codes as expected.
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