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  1. Hi Garima, I followed the instructions you provided and installed Enpass via apt-get. With this installation and when enabling "docked mode" in the settings, Enpass now connected successfully with both Firefox and Chromium extensions. Thank you for your help!
  2. Update: I just tried Firefox and Chromium extensions on Wayland. Same result.
  3. Hi, I started using Enpass today, but the browser extensions on Firefox and Chrome can't connect to the app. Here is what I did: 1. Installed Enpass on Ubuntu 21.04 (running X11, not Wayland) > sudo snap install enpass ... enpass from Christos Miniotis (chrismin13) installed 2. Installed Firefox extension v6.6.2 3. Installed Chromium extension v6.6.2 4. Clicked on extension icon in Firefox (same behavior in Chromium) 5. Dialog "Choose an application to open the empassstart link" pops up 6. Clicked Enpass 7. Enpass desktop application received focus, but no dialog pops up 8. Extension shows "Connection Error!", "Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app." 9. Same results when clicking retry 10. Same results when enabling "Always run Assistant in docked mode" setting 11. Logs remain empty 12. Checked port > lsof -i:10391 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME Enpass 143731 sepp 30u IPv4 1027803 0t0 TCP localhost:10391 (LISTEN) Is there a way to manually sync the extension with the desktop app? Please advice. Thanks!
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