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  1. Hello, i switched from android to IOS. Can i migrate my old license which i bough on android to IOS? Or i have to pay 50$ (!!) for that ? kind regards, False
  2. Hello, in some situations im on other devices and want to login on some pages. Because im using enpass to save my save passwords (length > 50) its almost impossible to know the passwords. But i sync my Enpass with my nextcloud, so i would love a nextcloud plugin which can be used as alternative to the desktop client. Greetings, False
  3. False

    Webdav SOGo

    Hello, i run sogo on my root server. Now i try to sync enpass with webdav. The login works fine but i get the error number 117. How i can solve this issue ?
  4. Update: Now i get the Error code -117 @Akash Vyas
  5. Okay i thinked about that.. I have SOGo, and there is webdav avaible... But if i enter the url, username and passwort there is only "verbinden..." (or in english "connecting...") and nothing works..
  6. Okay, nevermind so i have to switch the password manager.
  7. Hello, me, some friends and my family need a better sync... We want a sync with our server with ftp or better sftp.. Is it already possible or is it planned ? When it is not possible and not planned, WHY... Its a very good feature (and easy to implement). Greetings, False
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