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  1. Programie

    Start Enpass hidden

    When configuring Enpass to automatically start on login, the Enpass main window is visible. Is there any way to start Enpass just showing the tray icon without showing the main window? I'm using Enpass 6.0.1 on Ubuntu 18.10 with KDE.
  2. In my case Enpass automatically copies the TOTP code to the clipboard just like already known from the desktop app. But yes, automatically filling it would be cool.
  3. Programie

    Enpass Desktop app crashes when using browser extension

    I have the same issue and it not only happens on macOS but also on Linux. That's probably an issue on all Desktop platforms. On Linux it just crashes with an segmentation fault: [1] 8420 segmentation fault (core dumped) /opt/enpass/Enpass
  4. Programie

    Spectre and Meltdown

    As far as I know, Enpass is secure while your vault is locked (i.e. asking for the master password). Therefore you shouldn't set the lock timeout of Enpass to a high value (or completely disable it) or at least manually lock it if Enpass is not currently in use. In my case I've set the auto lock to 1 minute of Enpass inactivity.
  5. Thanks for the fix! I've switched to the beta channel a few days ago and are currently using Enpass Beta 5.6.3. The issue disappeared for me.
  6. The same happens on my Ubuntu installation. Environment: Ubuntu 17.10 Budgie Desktop Enpass 5.6.0
  7. Programie

    Sqlcipher driver not found

    That's exactly what I did. I just removed the entry from the KDE Autostart and re-enabled it in Enpass settings again. However Enpass just created exactly the same entry with the same command (/opt/Enpass/bin/runenpass.sh startWithTray).
  8. Programie

    Sqlcipher driver not found

    I'm using Enpass on Ubuntu 17.04 with KDE. Enpass is automatically started on startup using the KDE autostart. On every boot, Enpass shows me an error "Sqlcipher driver not found". The same issue happens whenever I start Enpass from Latte Dock. But it works when I start it from the KDE application menu. In case of the KDE autostart, Enpass is started using "/opt/Enpass/bin/runenpass.sh startWithTray". If I execute that directly, it works. But why doesn't it work when started on login? is that an issue with Enpass or am I just doing something wrong? Details: Description: Sqlcipher driver not found. Database Path: /home/programie/Documents/Enpass/walletx.db Drive Type: /dev/sda5 Accessible True Writable: True Keyboard Layout: English Enpass / Operating System version: 5.5.6 / Ubuntu 17.04
  9. Programie

    App sometimes crashes on performing search

    Weird, I didn't had this issue anymore in the last days.
  10. Programie

    App sometimes crashes on performing search

    OK, I will test it using the "Title only" option. The only problem in reproducing the issue: It doesn't occur all the time.
  11. Programie

    TOTP integration decreases security

    I think two factor authentication is primarily useful for preventing brute force attacks. So if an attacker guesses the password for your account, they still have to find out the TOTP token in a short period of time which is pretty impossible. OK you could also find out the TOTP secret... In case of GitHub I just saw this notice after configuring Two factor Authentication for my account: Treat your recovery codes with the same level of attention as you would your password! We recommend saving them with a password manager such as Lastpass, 1Password, or Keeper. So if you are storing the recovery codes in the password manager, storing the TOTP secret in the password manager as well does not change anything in the security.
  12. Programie

    I don't trust the lifetime offer

    I'm also interested how you could exist as a company while not getting any money for the application (except for the mobile apps). I've already recommended you to a few work colleagues. For one of them the same question arises.
  13. Sometimes, when searching in the main window or the browser extension, the app just crashes. I expired the same problem on Linux Mint (18.1), macOS Sierra as well as Windows 10. Is that a known issue?
  14. Programie

    Passwort Audit "OLD" improvments

    1Password has such a feature (it's called Watch Tower). So, it's possible.
  15. Programie

    Auto-Fill OTP-fields

    Doing it like 1Password would be awesome: After auto fill the OTP-field get's copied to the clipboard so you just have to paste it into the login form.