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  1. You could create a separate database put on some cloud sync service. Then you could open it with Enpass Portable on your desktop (there is no way for the mobile apps to open multiple databases at the moment)
  2. I have the same issue (program restart solves the sync issue). A temporary workaround could be that you use the "Folder" sync option with the Cloud platforms official software for syncing.
  3. Hi there, As the title says in some cases (not all, but many) Enpass comes to foreground when I click on a notification (I mostly click on Slack notifications). Environment: AntergOS (Arch) GNOME Shell 3.22 XOrg Enpass 5.3.0 Any idea why? May it be an OS thing? (But why does only Enpass do this?) Thanks in advance.
  4. Mark

    Security audit

    Hermant, I didn't say it's not true, just wanted to point that if it is then some response to these topics might help. Actually I am not that concerned about anyone stealing the credentials to my favourite restaurant's website (I don't keep sensitive data in these programs), but nevertheless I am doing my homework in form of a "security audit". I am no security expert nor have access to the source code, but can still find the obvious things (database, encryption, cloud sync, communication, etc) which might make people a little bit less afraid of your software. Even then, these days it's quite common that people are afraid of anything when it comes to their privacy. This is something that you should keep in mind when choosing not to do a third-party audit because <insert any reason here>.
  5. Mark

    Security audit

    At least an answer please? AFAIK "Security of our data is your utmost priority." We have questions and thoughts, yet there is not even an answer from the maintainers. This itself means a serious security concern.
  6. Hi there, I use Enpass on Arch linux with GNOME shell and I have the following issues: When I activate the system tray and autostart options, the next time I start the computer the system tray icon is not show (I have to manually uncheck and check it again) AND the autostart option gets unchecked, so the second time, it would not start automatically. Environment: AntergOS (Arch) GNOME Shell 3.22 XOrg Enpass 5.3.0 Any idea why? Thanks in advance.
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