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  1. I have uploaded ~300 custom icons (with descriptive file names); however, when I use the search bar, all of the custom icons show up and only the icons included with Enpass have the results narrowed. How can this be fixed? Thank you.
  2. I love how Enpass autofills the username and password fields on Android; however, I then need to go into the Enpass app to find the TOTP code to complete the login. Please allow us to autofill these fields too!
  3. Any plans to update the UWP app to support browser extensions? I paid $13 for the app because I enjoy using Windows Hello to unlock it (way faster than entering my master password).
  4. @Hemant Kumar Any updates to share regarding custom icons?
  5. More icon choices would be great when adding password, I included some suggestions below. Zomato, Slack, Quizlet, Pocket, OpenTable, Indiegogo, IFTTT, Wayfair, and Netflix
  6. Hi Enpass team, It would be great if you changed the signup for the beta program and the forums to use the no captcha reCaptcha, as it is so much easier.
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