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  1. I just discovered some odd behaviour: When i delete the enpass folder used for syncing (it will be recreated by Enpass) and either: setup syncing from Windows Enpass -> Folder is beeing recreated -> syncing under Windows works -> Sync from Apple (Mac or iPhone/iPad) throws error setup syncing from Apple Device (Mac or iPhone/iPad) -> Folder is being recreated -> syncing under MAC/iDevice works -> Sync from Windows throws error So it actually seems (to me) that there is a problem with the Enpass-Sync over different OSes?
  2. Thanks for the welcome :-) No, i did not update the DSM, i'm still at the latest 6.xx. On my iDevices it seems to work, after deleting the data on the NAS and re-sync them from an iPhone / iPad. Both iPad and iPhone are syncing, so i suspect the WebDAV is working. My Mac and my Win-Machine are throwing the above error codes.
  3. Hi everyone, perhaps someone has an idea: - i'm using enpass on desktop (mac, win) and my iDevices. - everything is updated and latest versions - i just noticed, that the sync is runnung nor more (error) - was running for years - if i delete the enpass data on my Synology NAS, i can newly sync the data from all apple devices - if i then try to sync the windows enpass i get an error 915993 or 907987 or after new install 908403 - if i delete the enpass data and try to newly sync the data from windows, i can see the creation of a tmp file in the webdav folder, but get an error 915993 and the tmp-file is deleted. What can i do to sync enpass under windows again? nothing really changed there that could cause this (i think). Thank you very much. PS: i do have added PWs to the windows Enpass, so i would prefer this database to sync, as all aother devices have an older DB (dated to the last successful sync 2 weeks ago).
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