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  1. Hi @Dentonthebear i think this qml is not the causing issue. i am trying to figure out what causes enpass + gdm + gnome-shell to cause this error
  2. enpass.desktop[4364]: QQmlComponent: Created graphical object was not placed in the graphics scene. this is what journalctl logs when i am trying to login to gnome-shell and enpass is in autostart
  3. Hi @Garima Singh my Enpass Version is: Architecture is x64 i just have one linux device: fedora 32. with Gnome 3.36.2 so i have the issue just on this device. i deactivated autostart for enpass settings and $USER/.config/autostart
  4. Hi i have a strange behaviour of Enpass. I have a brand new Fedora32 install. Enpass configured so far so good. So i check: autostart on login feature. Next time when i logged in after reboot i got just black screen nothing happens. So after figure out some stuff i deleted step after step all autostart apps and gotcha after i deleted Enpass from autostart login is possible. After login i can start Enpass no Problem but just when i let Enpass start automatically black screen. I use Fedora32 with Appindicator extension. Nothing really special i think. Any ideas what causes this issue?
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