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  1. Hi! I would like to switch from 1Password to Enpass but moving data from 1Password to Enpass is a real challenge. I was able to find a workaround for an issue I had with the process and would like to share it here. Hopefully this entry also serves as a bug report of some sort. The issue: After exporting data from 1Password as 1pif and importing to Enpass, I noticed that some entries were missing. The workaround: I looked into the 1pif file and noticed an entry that was longer than the others and mainly consisted of form fields of the web application that I would be logging in. Removing that line from the 1pif file seems to resolve the issue with the missing entries after the import (however I still need to verify that really all entries have been transfered). The root cause (as far as I can tell): Originally I wanted to login to a web application that had a lot of form fields implemented ("under the hood" - not really visible for me as a user) - not just "username" and "password". Using the 1Password feature to create a new password and autofill it, possibly resulted in an entry with a lot of fields in the 1Password database. The entry I have identified consists of ca. 68000 characters on one line and thousands of web form fields. The Enpass bugs: it looks like that during the import process, Enpass *seems* to import the data (the numbers being reported during the import are correct) but actually *does not* import entries with too many form-field entries, meaning the reporting functionality of the import part is broken. I consider this to be a major bug that needs to be fixed because it leads to data loss! it looks like the import functionality does not handle 1Password entries that have too many field entries/characters. Again this is something that I would consider a major bug because it will lead data loss during an import process. As the numbers reported during the import suggest that everything has gone well, this bugs are particularly dangerous! @Enpass-Team: can you please provide feedback if you can reproduce the issue and if yes, estimate when a fixed version of Enpass might be provided? Kind regards, PasswordUser PS: the versions involved on my MacBook running Mojave 10.14.6: Enpass (AppStore) 6.4.2 (668) 1Password 7 Version 7.6 (70600005) 1Password Store
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