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  1. I should also say that I am getting more familiar with Enpass and I really like it!!! Thank you!!
  2. I thought that I downloaded it from the Enpass Website. I will download and install again from the link you provided just to make sure. I will respond after installing from your link just to be sure. Thank you. I'll report back. Update: You were correct. I had the wrong version. My mistake. Thank you again!!!
  3. Hello!!!!???? Anybody there? Any responses or answers on how I can move the location of my vault (data location)? Is my question so obvious that no one feels the need to respond or is it so deep (unlikely) that no one has an answer? Either way I need some help. Thank you.
  4. My computer has a small solid state drive (C: drive) for the OS and program applications. I try and store the application data on a large drive (D: drive) to avoid filling up my C: drive with data. I am using the Windows desktop version of Enpass 6.5.2. I have read that I should be able to change the location of the vault under Settings>Advanced>Data Location and that there should be a Change Location button. I do not see a change location button. The current Data Location is C:\Users\Golfball\AppData\Local\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_fwdy0m65qb6h2\LocalState but I do not see anyway to change where Enpass will store and look for the vault. If I click on Data Location, it opens a window to the current location but no way to change it to a new location. I would like to change it to Documents on my D: drive. If I go to Settings>Auto Backups there is a Change Location button but I assume that just changes the backups location. I would like to change the location of the vault also. So, I would like to change the location of both the vault and backups location to my D: drive and can't figure out how to do it (at least for the vault location). Thank you.
  5. I have seen references in some of the postings to "custom logos" or "custom icons" that can be added to the choose icon database. How is this done? I need instructions on how to create custom logos and icons, how to add them or delete them from the database, etc. Also, I read a few comments on Favicons but no instructions on how to access, use them, save them, etc. I would also like to be able to save some icons from the internet and save them as available icons for use in Enpass. Any help on the above items would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Please ignore this post. I figured it out. Thank you.
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