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  1. Hi @Anshu kumar

    I have the latest version of Enpass on both my W10 computer and my Lumia 1520 running the latest W10 insider version.
    When i create the enpass archive on my computer with OneDrive sync i used notepad to type the password i wanted and the copy/paste it into the master password field.

    When i synced the enpass file on my Lumia 1520 i can write the password with the on screen keyboard.

    But when i try to write the correct master password on my computer i get wrong password, but if i write it in Notepad and use copy/paste it works without any problem.
    This seems to be a keyboard region problem in the master password field since i can copy/paste the correct password but not to write it with my Swedish keyboard layout.

  2. Hello,

    Im using swedish as my display language of windows 10 and a swedish keyboard.
    I was getting frustrated because everytime i was setting up a OneDrive sync it worked on that device but not on the other one (win 10 pc / mobile).
    I got the wrong master password each time and couldnt figure out what was wrong...

    Until i found another thread here that found out that it could be the region setting of the keyboard thats messing this up.
    I tried to use a simple password without any special characters and that works!
    Can you please fix this keyboard region bug, i cant have a password manager which i cant use a advanced master password on :/

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