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  1. Is my problem related to this? I use enpass on multiple macs. For over a year now ... on one mac only ... I can only use enpass if I maximize the window. If I don't none of the buttons work - the add, edit, settings etc ... I was hoping it would be fixed in subsequent releases but the problem persists.

  2. So a month later ... and you still find it acceptable that now the only manner in which users with high res displays can use Enpass is by fully maximizing the application window ... as any smaller app window size and the search bar won't accept text and all the buttons no longer function - you've pushed a lot of updates in the last month - when are you going to fix this?????

  3. Hi: 

    Ok ... for the benefit of the countless other Enpass users that likely can't use the app right now ... I will assist. As I mentioned ... none of the buttons in the main app window work. You can click on them ... but nothing happens. The top menu works ... but unfortunately you have not included a save function there (you should change that). As such no new items can be added and no existing items can be edited. The app can only be used to look up existing entries.

    This problem is new. I have been an Enpass user for years and have never experienced anything like this. 

    Here's something I discovered accidentally ... and that will direct you to the problem solution.  I by chance clicked on the green button in the app window and maximized the window - not something that represents a preferred window size when working with a password manager. Nonetheless, when the app window is fully maximized, the buttons work and I can use the app. If I click on the green button again and reduce the window size to "normal" the buttons cease to function.

    I'm confident you currently have thousands of users that require a fix asap.

  4. I figured out a (very inconvenient) workaround ... and now have the info that can isolate the issue for you ... but ... as you went radio silent although you advertise "premium support" ... don't ask me ...

  5. Hello?? I can't create a new entry on my mac in Enpass. Maybe an issue that serious is worth a reply?!?! I'll give it until tomo ... then I'm exporting out to something reliable -- this is BS. 

  6. the menu is so messed up that if I open the about menu I can't close that window because clicking on the x does nothing - I have to exit the app.

    you've really managed to break this app - was it the last "update"?

  7. macOS 10.15.7 

    sync via iCloud 

    enpass v 6.5.0 (700)

    all menu buttons on the app are permanently greyed out 

    Does enpass have a local memory limit - what's going on? 

    to add a new entry I now have to use my iphone and sync/can't add a new entry on my mac. I can view all items on the mac but can't add them - the entire menu bar - including the search, cancel and save button are greyed out - the entire app is useless on my mac now. I can use the search if I don't attempt to enter any new data first so it is still minimally functional to look up entries. I have 917 entries .. and now I'm concerned I've trusted all that data with an unstable app.

  8. Over the last little while (and unfortunately I did not note if it was subsequent to a version update) Enpass is freezing on my mac. Most commonly the save button does not appear to function at all. However even though the save button is in a PERMANENTLY GREYED OUT state - sometimes items save and sometimes they do not. However Enpass is seriously messed up.

  9. on an iphone, which we recently

    purchased the premium lifetime license for,  I repeatedly get an error that details that icloud has not been set up when I attempt to sync.  It is toggled on in icloud settings. Further ... when I navigate to storage management for icloud it shows that the enpass "lite edition" is storing data. i've reset the phone, toggled everything off and on and yet can't get enpass to store to icloud. please help.

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