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  1. Hi Garima, this setting did the trick. I'm able to sync my Enpass vault even with my iOS14 device now. THANK YOU, Uwe
  2. Hi Garima, thank you for your note. To your questions: Please check and share if your are using stable or beta version of iOS 14? I'm using the official 14.0 release as published by Apple last week, no beta version. Are you using a public WebDAV server like Next-cloud etc., or are you on a private WebDAV server? I'm using a private WebDav server on top or as part of my Synology NAS, being accessed via "https://<ip-of-my-synology-nas>:5006/home". My NAS is a Synology DS718+ with DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 installed. WebDAV-Server version installed is 2.3.4-0025. Plea
  3. Hello, after upgrading my iOS device to iOS 14 I am no longer able to sync with my WebDAV credentials from this particular device. The error message shown is "No internet connection". But I'm definitely connected to the respective WebDAV-Server. And all other devices, regardless if iOS <14, MacOS, Windows or Android are still synchronizing as expected. Any clue, what I might have done wrong (except upgrading to iOS 14 :-))?
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