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  1. Hi Pratyush, it is not a problem anyway. Answers: 1. Windows 10 laptop 2. enpass 6.5.2 (725); Plug In 6.4.0 3. Firefox 81.0.2 4. I remember one was https://protonmail.com I will post others when the issue occurs. Thanks M
  2. Issue fixed with latest update. Thanks M
  3. Hi all, when I sign up for a new website or when I change password to existing one I have learnt to do not trust enpass. I know that sounds bad. Let me explain. It happened, when confirming data while in the sign up procedure, that enpass did not automatically save the information. I have noticed that the majority of the time enpass save automatically information but unfortunately sometimes does not. So what I do now? When I sing up I use enpass to generate a password, I copy and past the new password in Microsoft Word, I change some characters if I want to make the password more readable, I copy and paste the password in the sign up form and only when the procedure has been successfully completed and all data recorded in enpass (automatically hopefully) then I close Word. Did someone else face the same issue? Is there anyone else acting as I do? What does enpass team think about that? In case, could you modify enpass to better manage the password generation and information save functionalities? What do you suggest? Thanks
  4. Great news! Thanks Garima to you and the development. M
  5. Hi Garima, thanks for your answer. I have seen the FAQ but I do not want to add any system variables. I simply expect enpass to work properly without any workaround from me. I remind that enpass worked greatly till latest update. The issue is therefore in the latest update. Please fix it. Thanks M
  6. Hi all, after upgrading to 6.5.1 (723) Enpass does not scale and it is shown with native 3840x2160 resolution instead of scaling to 150% as it did in all versions before. It is unusable. Can you fix it? Thanks M
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