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  1. Thank You. System Enpass Assistant right now is working most of the times by pressing hotkeys when Docked mode is disabled, but not opening by mouse. Chrome plugin does not work at all. But all is fine, system Assistent and plugin, if Docked mode is enabled.
  2. Thank You! Yes, i could go through authorisation process, but only after enabeling the Docked mode in desktop app. Before that tab disappeared too fast, i could not read verification code from it.
  3. Ah! I've got it working. After enabeling docked mode. It's strange.
  4. Hi. Ubuntu 20.04. It's really acting weird: Linux app Assistant opens only by quick 3-times (or 5, it depends onf your luck) hotkey pressing, but not every time, Chrome plugin didn't not open at all, but suddenly, when Google search page was open, it asked for permission to add code, i pressed ok before i understood what happend. Now by pressing hotkey quickly multiple times, or clicking on extension, it opens Chrome tab with code allready entered, and after that tab is closing. Extension assistant does not open. Didn't find anything interesting in app's and plugin's logs: looks
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