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  1. Hi, any update please? It has been more than a month since this issue is raised here.
  2. Hi @Garima Singh, I am using the split tunneling feature by selecting only tunnel Microsoft Edge browser through the VPN. I am including only the Microsoft Edge browser, and nothing else, which includes the Chrome browser that I am using Enpass on. I am using Surfshark VPN on Windows 10. Please let me know if you require more info. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, It has been more than a month since the issue is submitted, are there any update for this issue? It is quite frustrating needing to open the Enpass app manually and copy the credentials manually and fill it in webpages in Chrome. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I am using the Enpass Chrome Extension on Windows 10 2004 x64, with a VPN that has split-tunneling/application whitelisting feature, e.g. ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, etc. The Chrome extension is unable to connect to the Enpass desktop app whenever the split-tunneling feature is enabled in the VPN, even though the VPN is disconnected. The logs just goes on and on like this: 11/2/2020, 9:23:36 PM : Connecting using websocket 11/2/2020, 9:23:36 PM : Opening connection on ws:// 11/2/2020, 9:23:36 PM : Opening connection on ws://
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