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  1. I changed my system again and installed a zfs based home dir and again not be able to change the data location to something I wanted and KNOW that it is not a removeable device (why would you do that to any *nix user anyways? I mean.. I break my system regularly because I am stupid and not because I put conf-files on usb drives?!)

    I had a look through all the current posts and found something interesting: /home/$USER/.config/sinew.in/Enpass.conf which is where all the nice settings are stored BUT you need to now all the settings to modify it. Happily I was able to change my data location on my OLD machine and could have a look there what was in the conf file which was not on a brand new on:




    There are couple of questions about that conf file:

    - why would you use different styles for conf-pars? uppercase, CamelCasse and just lowercase?
    - why would you not have all the settings that are set-able in there in the beginning?

    TLDR: edit /home/$USER/.config/sinew.in/Enpass.conf and add ChangedLocationPath=FULLPATH AND make sure that you copy old files there!

  2. On 11/12/2020 at 2:57 PM, genbushi said:

    Is this ZFS also? If it's standard `ext4` and encrypts/decrypts properly it should be fine, especially if `/home/%user/.config/enpass/Backups` is working as intended. Does the `/home/%user/.config/enpass/data` directory already exist? If not, make those directories and try again possibly?

    It is a ext4 and I just tried again, still saying: "Cannot select a Network or Removable location"

    Fun fact: I just tried a new folder in my home dir called "test" and it gives me the same error. I can not change the Data Location to any dir in my home dir (which is still encrypted)

    I can however change the directory to a place on my disk which is not encrypted and can NOT undo my changes because it would not let me choose any dir in my home

    I have the strong feeling that it is the encrypted home dir

  3. I have the same problem. Running new install of linux mint 20 with encrypted home dir.

    I try to change the data store from /home/%user/Documents/Enpass to /home/%user/.config/enpass/data

    Backups are fine at /home/%user/.config/enpass/Backups

    Any thoughts?

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