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  1. It is a ext4 and I just tried again, still saying: "Cannot select a Network or Removable location" Fun fact: I just tried a new folder in my home dir called "test" and it gives me the same error. I can not change the Data Location to any dir in my home dir (which is still encrypted) I can however change the directory to a place on my disk which is not encrypted and can NOT undo my changes because it would not let me choose any dir in my home I have the strong feeling that it is the encrypted home dir
  2. I have the same problem. Running new install of linux mint 20 with encrypted home dir. I try to change the data store from /home/%user/Documents/Enpass to /home/%user/.config/enpass/data Backups are fine at /home/%user/.config/enpass/Backups Any thoughts?
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