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  1. scharc, stopped being a problem for me only because I stopped using ZFS for my home filesystems :) (for other reasons) ... As I recall, the enpass attempts to prevent location of database on removable storage such as a thumb drive. Mounted fs such as ZFS is mis-classified as prohibited. encrypted drives may be similarly handled. Note that this is a reasoned conjecture, not established fact...
  2. Problem is definately the zfs home volume. Successfully changed database location to a different directory on the boot ext4 partition.
  3. As I mentioned in the original post, the selected folder is neither on a network location nor on a removeable location. The selected folder is on a local drive, in my home folder, with full read/write permissions. On a _different_ computer, the relocation works as expected. The only difference I can think of between the faulting computer and the successful one, is that the faulting computer's home is a zfs volume whereas the successful computer's home is ext4...
  4. I cannot change the Data Location in Enpass 6.4.0. Settings->Advanced->Change Location button is available and launches select folder dialog. But no folder selection is accepted. The error is "Cannot select a Network or Removeable location". The folder selected is neither. Any thoughts?
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