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  1. Do you plan any Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal? I consider purchasing the software. It is really good. I don't use it on my phone so I currently won't need the Pro version. But I would still buy it. Also, free Desktop version can change in the future.
  2. Ah, I figured it out. Ignore.
  3. I have two vaults. All items from the second vault seems to be lost. I can still add new entries to the 2nd vault but they appear nowhere. What happened? PS: Please don't block VPNs in the board. This is a shitty idea.
  4. Enpass is a great software. I switched from keepassX under Linux. I don't need it for Android but I consider buying it anyway. Bug Report: The "Use Website Icons" does not always work, it never seem to work for some TLD like: .IO .BR .APP It is easy to double all entries by mistake. I feature "eliminate double entries" would be great.
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