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  1. Hi,

    1. MacBookPro, iMac, Desktop with Linux, Desktop with Windows 10 Android phone, ipad

    Manual add and automatic from within Firefox

    + add new item from Android - okay

    + add new item from Windows10 - okay

    + add new item from Centos 8 Stream - okay

    + add new item from BigSur - no go

    2. Up to date on all platforms

    3. Only use Firefox browser (lots of privacy plugins, but worked everywhere until the end of June)

    4. Not sure, new entries don't save

    5. Doesn't matter, can not save anything new manual or automatic



  2. I've been having problems saving new entries to Enpass. I will fill in the username or email address and generate a password. When I click sign-in the dialog box pops up and I click save. Everything appears to be working it is just that nothing is saved. The new entry is no where to be found. I'm using Nextcloud to store offline and the link to Nextcloud appears to be fine. I just tried to sync and that worked perfectly.

    Turned logging on and tried to save login credentials again, here is what I got.

    Info: [NATIVE_LIST:] 2 ms
    Info: [NATIVE_LIST:] 2 ms

    Not sure it is of much help.



  3. Started get the Error code: 907018 when my vault trys to sync to my Nextcloud instance.

    Error is happening on desktops Fedora 33 and MacOS Catalina and Android 11

    Using version 6.5.1 on all desktop instances and version on Android

    Nextcloud v20.0.3 is on DigitalOcean and running on Ubuntu 18.04

    Any suggestions?


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