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  1. Hey folks, Quick question for anyone that's willing to chime in. Looking for a bit of clarification on the different types/iterations of Enpass licenses. According to my app, I've got "Enpass Pro All Access (Lifetime)". I suppose some clarification on how or when I gained that would be useful but that's not really the main focus of this post. My actual inquiry is, is there an "Enpass Pro All Access (Lifetime) v2"? Today my app notified me about new functionality to automatically audit for breached websites and 2FA eligible but unregistered in Enpass sites. However, it wanted me to sign up for an ARC (annual recurring charge) to 'unlock' that functionality. That new ARC, does it upgrade the license to some other jargon like Premium, etc.? Also, in their blog post about having to pay again they mention new Lifetime pro licenses will continue to get all pro features, etc. Are the 2FA and breach features Pro or something else? Also, I'd really like a way of figuring out which licenses I actually have as compared to all offerings from Enpass period; it would appear as though that'll be useful moving forward as the product grows and obfuscates even further. Thanks
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