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  1. So you're not going to do anything for the lifetime people other than giving the option to hide the banner. Gotcha.
  2. Oh yeah, it reminds me of, for example, freemake. Get a complete bundle and in a couple of months, we create a bundle that is completer, it includes feature x. Get the most complete bundle, until it isn't.
  3. "Vulnerability Alert Enpass has detected breach among one of your saved websites." It's a big red banner that you can't get rid of and if you click on it, they want you to pay nearly full subscription money for it after a year, the first year is still €7.49.
  4. I have recommended it to a lot of people in the past, won't do it now.
  5. That's still almost double than what was offered to new users 2 months ago. $25 was offered in October 2020 and with a coupon it could go down even more. Given that you already paid for the pro license, paying more than a new user is not good at all... If they offered this for $10-15 as an upgrade I would understand it due to server/api costs for the breach detection, I would even be fine with up to $5 a year, but what they offer is just not good at all... The offer as it is is "Hey, get this discount for the first year and then pay almost the same every year as new accounts would pay already".
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