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  1. Well, that's just needlessly stupid. Why claim an offer to be exclusive to pro-users, when it's pretty much the same as for anybody else (and then misrepresenting/inflating the "regular" msrp to arrive at the larger discount-percentage)? Are they trying to anger pro-users on purpose now? I have a hard time believing that anybody at enpass could have thought that such a transparent deceit would go undetected. Especially since they're already getting heat on the whole "pro-v-premium"-issue.
  2. It's pretty much the same in english (iPad-version) The android-version is using the wording "Pro Features" instead, though I don't know if this was always the case or just since a recent update.
  3. That's the main problem for me: I don't mind them building new features which require continuous development and maintenance for a subscription (although I originally chose enpass specifically because it wasn't "live-service"-based, to not be reliant on anyone else's servers and they probably should have refrained from selling "pro-lifetime"-access in the first place). That's fine, if someone wants the breach monitoring, go ahead and sell it to them. I'm already aware that some of the sites in my vault have had breaches in the past (dropbox, ubisoft among others) and took appropriate actions at the time. What I object to however, is the rollout and (partial) activation of the feature for every user. Performing a scan without being asked and then placing the result behind a paywall while plastering the app with red banners and icons to scare them into purchasing a premium-subscription is just sleazy. Like a guy screaming at you from outside your house with a megaphone, that he discovered an easy way to get into one of your doors, but won't tell you which one unless you give him ten bucks. Being forced to go out of my way to disable annoyances and unwanted features in a product is usually a pretty good indicator, that it might be time to move on to another one, so I'm looking at self-hosted bitwarden at the moment. At least if enpass isn't going to provide a way of disabling the whole audit-feature or its alerts. Or if they make it accessable to pro-users I guess, though I get why they'd need continued revenue to sustain something like this. Then again I didn't ask for this feature and take offense at being bombarded with up-sell-scare-ads in an app I paid for.
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