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  1. Thank you for your reply. I do not see any error message, when I click on the Enpass extension the assistant window opens, but not to the specific website. It shows several websites from the vault, with updated icons, so there must be some communication with the websites. When I double click on the desired website, it does not populate the fields, and login fails. I can login by manually copying and pasting the password. This goes the same with all websites I try, right now I'm trying to use Mailchimp. I'm trying Safari now. I worked first with Chrome, which gave me the identical problem. I gave up with Chrome because the extension wouldn't even show up in the Browser Authentication. Interestingly, when I change the password at a website, Enpass updates the password in the vault. So it seems to work in that direction.
  2. I just upgraded to a new iMac, and installed Enpass, which has worked well for some time on my older MacBook Pro. I am unable to get Autofill to work. I've removed and reinstalled the program and extensions, rebooted, etc., without success. During this, the autofill also quit working on my older computer, which is synched through iCloud. All software is up to date: macOS 11.1, Safari 14.0.2, Enpass 6.5.2. The browser extension shows as enabled, and authorized.
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