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  1. Hello, I've resolved using 7-zip Manager and using Shiht + Del to remove the root folder: C:\Enpass\Backups\Backups. Thank your for your help! Regards. Fabio
  2. Hello, using an older version (last version on date: 27/09/2019) of Enpass Password Manager for Windows and enabling local backup, I've see a long path as this: \\?\C:\Enpass\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\dunmekmh.dk0\my\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups\Backups The path continue further, so the previous path is far to be complete. I can't remove it using Windows Explorer, command line script (del, deltree script), PowerShell (using Remove-Item command with recursive option), and even programmatically. Can you suggest me a way to remove this folders? Thank you. Fabio
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